Why Join the Air Force?

Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Managing Editor

It is the dream of mankind to fly, free to soar high above the birds and have the ability to defy the laws of gravity. Sounds tempting right? Would you like an opportunity like that? By joining the United States Air Force, you get to soar high in the clouds at record speeds, enjoying the freedom of the sky, while defending our freedom back home. Basically, you become Superman.

The United States Air Force offers a four year program of instruction and education designed to provide cadets with the necessary skills to pursue a career in the Air Force. All cadets graduate from the program with a bachelor’s degree in science, and as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.
Core classes for cadets include basic science, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Cadets then get to choose their own electives in the direction of what their desired field of study will be, selecting from one of the thirty-one majors available. “60 percent of the cadets complete majors in science and engineering; the other 40 percent graduate in the social sciences and humanities” (af.mil). Other popular majors include management, biology, behavioral science, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, foreign area studies, and mechanical engineering.

According to THS senior Chris Hyland who wants to join the Air Force after high school, “I don’t want take the usual path towards a career by going to college, so I would rather join the Airforce like my uncle…I would like to be an Airport Firefighter or Military Police.”

Unlike other branches of the armed forces, the Air Force offers many options when enlisting. Recruits can choose to join the Air Force Reserve, Active Duty, or the Air Force National Guard. By joining the Reserves, it allows you to serve your country without the full time commitment. You will be required to have an eight year service period and spend one weekend a month training, along with a two week long period training each year. With Active Duty, you have the power to say how many years or months you would like to serve. Lastly, as for the National Guard, it works the same way as the Reserves. However, you have to commit six years.

The people who commit their lives to the sky love becoming an United States Airman/Airwoman. Currently 3,647 men are enrolled in the Air Force Academy, with 972 women as well. There is a place for everyone to enjoy the sky. So will you commit yourself to a life in the clouds as an United States Airman? Do you have what it takes?

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