Not worth a pot of gold

Michael Kalendra ‘16
EE Staff Writer

In the dead of night, a little man clad in green (Warwick Davis) runs around unnoticed by a teenage girl named Troy Redding (Jennifer Aniston), a little boy named Nathan Murphy (Robert Hy Gorman), and their dim-witted friend, Ozzie Jones (Mark Holton). They are holed up in a farmhouse trying to resist the power of a mythical creature that is collecting gold coins worth millions, coins that were stolen from him by Shay Duffin (Dan O’Grady), who is now hidden on the farm land.

The leprechaun inches his grotesque gnarled hand close to the door of the barn house and is almost on the inside door handle, when Troy Redding slams the door shut. The leprechaun swears an old Irish curse and runs around back to find an easier way to get in.

This vile creature uses magic Irish powers to freeze people, lock doors, and transform people into whatever he wants. You may be thinking that he is unstoppable, yet his weakness is a four leaf clover. The funniest scene in the whole movie is when the leprechaun sees Lucky Charms, the cereal, and thinks they are a piece of home. Another aspect that stands out is the leprechaun’s lazy, witty attitude, mixed with a foul mouth and thirst for scotch.

This movie was shot in 1993 and even then seemed far-fetched to audiences, receiving only a 27% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, with saying the movie is as “stupid as it sounds.”

The remake in 2014 couldn’t make sense of the original either, and decided to start from scratch, which was a bad move. To try and connect to the Irish background, the producers found an old town, some Irish folk, a pub (always need to have an Irish pub in Ireland!) and a book that the teens are conveniently reading on the way there based on legends.

An old timer at the pub they stay at tells them of the Stones of God which are a seven hour hike from the pub, and to make everything even weirder, the teens can stop in and sleep overnight in an abandoned cabin. One of the teens remarks “A cabin in the woods? How fun.” The story drones on and the leprechaun shows up, this time played by WWB wrestler Dylan Postl (known in the ring as Hornswoggle).

The makeup of the leprechaun is pathetic with a green hat and fake beard. Nevertheless he manages to be unseen and sneaks in to attack a member of the group. After someone is killed, they discover the creature is (surprise!) a leprechaun from the book they brought. The group arms themselves with shovels, pickaxes and others household items from the basement as they plan their escape, while the rest of the village uses shotguns and revolvers, and they all face down the leprechaun.

The characters are dispensable, a bland mix of helpless girls and strong men, and the story is unoriginal. In all, you’d have better luck finding a real four leaf clover in a field than enjoying this movie!

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