Are you ready for your shot, honey?

Kelliann McCabe

The worse part of going to the doctor as a kid would definitely be when the nurse in patterned scrubs entered the room with a sharp needle. They would inject the fluid into your shoulder as you squeezed your mother’s hand with all your might. Inserting dead bacteria and questionable ingredients into into your body to “protect” you from disease.

Vaccines are viewed as a great protector of today’s society and many people take the pinch of the needle without a single question. However, a few cautious mothers and specialists raise a voice of concern. This cry for examination is not a newfound idea, either. Since 1879, the  Anti-Vaccination Society of America  has been working to repeal vaccination mandates and prevent innocent children from being harmed with toxic substances. Many vaccines contain chemicals including, traces of mercury which is connected to development of autism, aluminum which in excess can cause neurological harm, Formaldehyde which can lead to death, and many other harsh materials. Even with this information the major medical organizations state that vaccines are very safe for the American public.

The US Department of Health and Human Services states, “Vaccines are some of the safest medical products available,” backed by the organizations including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Institute of Medicine (IOM), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and many more. Can this big businesses be truly trusted? As WIlliam Posey, a Republican Congressman, explained, “the incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and government officials should not be allowed to continue,” hinting at a corrupted force holds the power to destroy the public’s health. Their primary goal is to make a profit off the millions of vaccines that  are distributed, leading to the approval of many questionable vaccines. For example, Otashield, a vaccine for rotavirus (RV), was quickly removed from the market by the manufacturer only a short nine months after it was introduced. This was due to the discovery that the vaccine might have contributed to higher instances of intussusception (bowel obstruction).  This greed for money without care for the public’s well-being is fueled by 3,645 compensation awards by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) amounting to over $2.7 billion in awards and $113.2 million to cover legal costs, between 1989 and July 1, 2014. Without concern, the producers of the vaccines ignore the harmful, life-threatening effects it portrays onto innocent Americans.

It is reported that about 30,000 cases of “adverse reactions” to vaccines have been reported annually to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) since 1990.  Of those cases, 10-15% classified as serious, indicating it was associated with permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness, or death. The CDC is not blind to these effects and even acknowledges the possibility of  life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) in about one per million children. With fatal risks present at each inject, vaccines should not remained mandatory.

In 1855 Massachusetts passed the first US state law requiring vaccinations for children attending public school, followed by New York (1862), Connecticut (1872), Indiana (1881), and Arkansas (1882).  Today, all 50 states require children to be equipped with certain vaccines to attend school from their first day of kindergarten until their last day of highschool, forcing parents to feel obligated to vaccinate their child. However, mandated vaccination should be challenged and the government should reconsider the injection of harmful chemicals into innocently helpless children.

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