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Martha Hegley ‘16
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

There has been a new and trendy fashion craze on the rise. Temporary metallic body tattoos that look like jewelry are sweeping the fashion scene both on the red carpet and at Trumbull High. These silver and gold jewelry tattoos can be applied as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or statement pieces. They have been sported traditionally as regular jewelry but they are also seen in more creative ways such as henna style on hands, or placed on the back.

This new design has been worn by many celebrities on red carpets and other events. Everyone in Hollywood from Vanessa Hudgens and Colbie Caillat to Sarah Jessica Parker and even Beyonce are all buzzing about this up and coming trend.

A company by the name of Flash Tattoos started this product, and it has since been replicated by multiple companies. In an interview with Miranda Burnett, the founder of Flash Tattoos, she stated that,  “I came across an image of beautiful women applying intricate patterns of 24K gold leaf on their bodies in a magazine. I wanted to put a fun spin on couture jewelry.”

One wonderful quality about these jewelry tattoos is that they are temporary. They last from four to six days, which is the perfect amount of time. You are free to change up your style every week, which allows you try out new designs and different applications. There is no commitment and no pain of a real tattoo. You can use coconut oil to remove these tattoos in no time.

Another thing that makes these so popular is that they are very inexpensive. You would think that they would cost much more than they do. These tattoos are equipped with 50-60 individual tattoos, or four sheets, and can cost as little as ten dollars.

You can purchase these tattoos at or in Charlotte Russe in the Trumbull Mall. As the website says, you can wear them to “the beach, the pool, parties, festivals, concerts… Just apply, glimmer and go!

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