National Honor Society Induction

Ben Vu ’16
EE Features Editor

On May 14, 2015, over 100 Trumbull High students were formally inducted into the National Honor Society. This privilege is given to students who exhibit service, leadership, character and a minimum of a 3.85 GPA. Juniors are eligible of applying to this prestigious organization and ultimately become members during their senior year.

The ceremony began with the procession of the candidates onto the stage. As soon as everyone had reached their seats, current NHS president, Emily Uus, saluted the flag and welcomed the audience. She then introduced the next two speakers, Dr. Gary Cialfi and Mr. Marc Guarino.

After the Superintendent and Principal’s message, each of the current NHS officers recited speeches to portray the NHS ideals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character and lit a candle in the name of each ideal.

Treasurer Rohit Kandala states, “I knew that I needed to get across my message of character across and it felt liberating to give my speech to the audience. I just left everything out there. My speech itself wasn’t that humorous, but I just knew how to deliver it to make it funny.”

Next, the candidates recited the NHS pledge and finally, received their certificates. There were some mishaps and a couple of students’ names were called out of order, causing the procession to be slightly altered.

After her name was not called, junior Bridget Ryan proceeded forwards anyways, only to have it announced after she had walked all the way around the stage.

Ryan states, “It was embarrassing in the moment but I got over it. It was disappointing. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just kept walking and hoped for the best. But overall, it felt really good to be inducted and it was nice being recognized for our hard work.”

The ceremony ended with closing remarks and a reception in the Senior Lounge. Numerous students took the time to take pictures of themselves with their new placards,  and parents congratulated their children on their achievement.

New inductee and junior Gabby Tropp said, “The entire ceremony was a really great experience. I loved being surrounded by all the smartest people in my grade. It was really cool knowing how many people I knew had accomplished so much.”

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