Robotics Club Successful at Botball

Trumbull High School Robotics Club

The Robotics Club (left to right): Mason DeMelo, Emily Clark, Rocco DeFilece, Maria Karkanista, Lahari Kota, Mr. Drenkard, Haey DeWeese, Mary Balducci, and Dan Ostrander after winning third place overall. Not pictured: Brittany Kuznitz and Lauren Picarelli. Photo courtesy of Emily Clar

Brittany Kubicko ‘15
EE Co-Editor in Chief

Building a robot may not be easy, but after many nuts and bolts later, it was all worth it.

On May 9th, eight members of the Robotics Club, most of them students of Mr. Drenkard’s AP Physics class, traveled to Rahway, New Jersey to compete in the New York/New Jersey Regional Botball Tournament, and the results were nothing but successful.

The team competed with two robots; one named Sir Lift-a-Lot and the other named Scorchin’ Scorpion.

The first three rounds were for seeding purposes, so the team ran their robots solo to show the judges what the robots could do. After the run, each robot earned a certain amount of points to see which brackets they would end up in for the rest of the competition.

In the first round, the team earned two points, which made them nervous, as their competitors were getting more than 70 points apiece. In the next two rounds, the robots were doing well, earning around 30 points each round, giving the team confidence as they went into the head to head competition.

The head to head competition, where one robot went against another doing anything from simple jobs to difficult tasks, was successful for the team. A simple task can include the robot moving around to picking up an object, while a difficult task can be producing a second robot on the game board (which actually happened at the competition). With their robot’s tasks being very straightforward, the robot’s run was very consistent, leading the team to receive multiplied points. This was an advantage for the team, as they went all the way to win the championship round in the head to head competition.

In addition to winning first overall in the head to head competition, the Robotics team also won third overall, which made the team very excited.

“It felt really good to win,” said senior Emily Clark. “We all spent a lot of time on it not only at the actual club after school but also nights, weekends, and April vacation. It took a lot of effort and I’m really glad that it paid off. Honestly I still can’t believe we won.”

With the year coming to an end, members now have time to relax from those endless hours of hard work- and see their success displayed through the two neon green trophies that they successfully won from that weekend.

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