College Dorm Life Hacks: Space Saving Ideas for College Living

Martha Hegley ’16
EE Lifestyle Editor

You and your roommate will be sharing pretty cramped quarters during your first year at college. Especially in a small space, organization is key. You want to be able to maximize the space in your dorm room and keep clutter away.

One great space saving idea is to use a shoe organizer in a whole new light. You don’t have to use these for just shoes. Be creative. Store your favorite snacks that you can munch on while you study. Or, if your hair and makeup products always crowd the sink in the bathroom, a shoe organizer is an efficient way to clear the clutter and keep everything organized. These shoe organizers can be purchased at just about any department store, all at extremely low prices. Their best feature is that they hang on the back of doors, so they take up practically no space

Who says that a shower caddy has to be used in the shower? This is an impeccable organizer to put right above your desk. The caddy holds all of your school supplies in a convenient and efficient system. The top rack where the shampoos usually go is the perfect fit for notebooks and school papers. The hooks on the bottom of the caddy can hold countless objects, such as scissors, keys, and pencil holders. This also hangs on walls, leaving your desk clutter free.

Desks can get very unorganized very quickly. The biggest contributors to the clutter are the odds and ends that are strewn across papers and shoved in drawers. Every time you need to find a thumbtack, a rubber band, or an eraser, you always end up digging through mounds of items before you find one. College is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and categorize the knickknacks in your desk. A foolproof way to always know where your supplies are is to use a spice rack. This takes up minimal space and each item has a designated place. Plus, you can spin the spice rack around to have all of your items at your fingertips.

One way to make the space look bigger is to create a separate space in your room for studying. You will most likely have the option to loft your bed during freshman year, which is a great idea since it will instantly create more space in your room. You can add a small desk, a comfy chair, and put up twinkle lights up. To finish this space off, add some inexpensive curtains. This willgive you a private space for when you need one and a beautiful spacious room for when you don’t.

Organizing clothing is probably one of the biggest essentials in your dorm room. You want to exaggerate the little space that you have in your closet in order to avoid piles of clothing on the floor. For this tip, all you need is soda can tabs and hangers. Put one end of the tab around one hanger and then take a second hanger and hang it from the other end of the soda can tab. Then repeat – it is as simple as that. Now you can store multiple items of clothing at a fraction of the space.

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