Fashion Club: The Newest Club Addition at THS

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Managing Editor

DSC_0173What if you had the opportunity to be as stylish as the girl in your class or as put together as Blake Lively is? Have you ever wanted to share your style off with others? Ever wanted to help others figure out a person’s sense of style? A great way to be able to share with others is by being apart of the Trumbull High Fashion Club. Club Advisors Mrs. Raquel Espejo and Mrs. Anita Gasparini and their student advisers Emily Eldridge, Manuela Artia, and Olivia Bonaventura have come together to create Trumbull High’s first Fashion Club.

“The Fashion Club is a creative environment created for the students. It’s a place where peers can express themselves and learn to explore their own individual style” comments Artia. The goal of the club is to learn in a hands-on way to work on big projects in the future.  Students can gain knowledge about the fashion industry and career opportunities. There will be discussions about current fashion topics and environmental/social issues to understand the fashion world.

The club meets every other Monday. Over 100 students have signed up for the club as well as roughly 50 students appeared at the first meeting. Anyone can join the club if you consider yourself creative and interested in fashion.

“The members of the club will give me a broader perspective on how students at THS perceives fashion. I am pretty invested in the city, I do take classes at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and have fashion related internships in NYC as well. A lot of the fashion experience I have is based in the city so finding people at the high school who have common interests give me a better viewpoint about the people around me,” Artia continues about what she would like to bring to the club.  

Join Facebook to keep up with the club. To join the closed group the name is “Trumbull High School Fashion Club.” Stay tuned for posts about meetings, club pictures, and is a place for members can ask any questions. Included will be posted links to interesting fashion related articles or videos. Artia intends to have a Fashion Club Instagram and Twitter accounts coming soon.

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