Veteran’s Day: Remembering All Those Who Have Served

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Managing Editor

vetsdayWhat is a veteran? A veteran is a soldier who has or had served in the military of our country. It’s an important time to take a moment and give thanks to beyond your iPhone. Veterans should be honored for all their time served whether in war or in peace.

This is a day of remembrance when everyone in our country thanks the veterans of our country. Trumbull High honored Veterans Day by holding a ceremony today that filled the THS auditorium. Mrs. Rubano has successfully put together this special senior assembly for the thirteenth time, and members of the National Honor Society assisted with the process. The members greeted the veterans when they first arrived to the school. Honor Society members also helped the veterans find their seats before the assembly began.

Students gathered in the auditorium with enthusiasm ready to start the learning process of what it means to be a veteran and how the military has changed their lives. Veterans first introduced themselves, then they stated their branch. There was a mix of different veterans originating from World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Principal Marc Guarino then asked the seniors if they had any questions for the veterans for the question and answer portion of the assembly. There were plenty of curious questions ranging from what the veterans did first when they came home to what it was like being away to their experiences with being drafted or enlisting into the military.

The THS choir sang “The National Anthem” and “Thank You, Soldier”. Senior and choir member, Maeve Hegley, stated, “It was such a privilege and honor to sing at such a meaningful ceremony.” First Selectman Tim Herbst gave a meaningful speech to the veterans. Former state Republican representative T.R. Rowe was also present and applauding the veterans. The award winning THSGEMB Marching Band proceeded to play “Army”, “Coast Guard” “Marines” and “Air Force”. Applause rang throughout the auditorium in honor of the veterans who all stood up to their song that symbolizes their service. There was pride and respect given to the veterans and future seniors who will enlist.

Everyone can do more for our veterans. We are in a digital age where we can send eCards on, which is designed to thank a military member. “I think eCards are a nice way to show we appreciate them,” Hegley continued. We can also donate lightly used clothing and objects for veterans who may simply not have the money to pay for new things. Veterans would greatly appreciate the donations.

Veteran Mr. Doyle commented, “Everyone was very respectful and the questions were a nice variety and respectful questions. The effort put in from the band and chamber singers. And everyone had their own parts. I am definitely appreciative of the assembly.”

So, everyone should take a moment to really appreciate Veterans today because, they have done so much for us Americans that we can at least pay our respect to the soldiers of our country.

THS student Andrea Castillano speaks her mind about Veteran’s Day. “This time it truly meant something. Saying the Pledge Of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem today had more meaning today. As a Trumbull High School student we say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, but we don’t think about what we’re saying. We stand up, say the pledge and sit down. Everyday. But today being able to say it actually brought meaning. It really dawned on me what today is really about. This morning I heard various people complaining that we had school today. Yes many other schools don’t have school, but I am more than happy and excited to be here today. Just because you don’t personally know a veteran, you will know someone who does. All the men and women, who leave their families and the safety of their homes to fight for you. And as one veteran stated today, ‘We leave our families behind and their lives don’t pause, when we get back they’ve changed. You can’t get that time back’. So, when you complain about having to go to schools and work, think about all those who have died so that you have that opportunity. Think about all of those who aren’t the same, and have given up everything for our freedom. I would like to thank every veteran for everything you have done. I truly wish that I can personally thank each and everyone of you. Happy Veterans Day!”


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