Hello 2016’s Fashion Trends


The bob is back!

Kira Littlejohn ‘16
EE Staff Writer

2015’s fashion reign is coming to an end as 2016 lingers around the corner. Don’t fret over what trends will be lost at the change of the year. A plethora of new fashionable opportunities arrive in 2016.

Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue are already listing what will be trending this spring. According to them, Jonathan Sanders, Alberta Ferretti, and Rebecca Minkoff are some of the few designers that appeared.

Be prepared for some fashion relics in spring 2016. Seventies inspired suede and Victorian inspired garb such as puffy sleeves and high collars froliced the runway. According to Harper’s Bazaar, seventies garb won’t end there. Tie-dye will also be all the rage meanwhile, lace and English-styled sleeves will bring out the softer Victorian trend.

“That’s so cool!” Erin Wallace, a junior, says in response to the Victorian trend. However, two thirds of surveyed students weren’t very pleased by the trend. “If done tastefully and modernized I think it can be done well.” Manuela Artia, president of the Fashion Club, says on a survey. Manuela also states her love for the Spanish influenced clothing that made their way onto the runway. Expect bright and bold hues of red and toreador inspired flourishes to ensembles.  Paperbag waist pants and skirts. flat mules, and off shoulder clothing will also be on trend at this time.

Harper’s Bazaar is focusing in on the micro trends of the spring season as always. Not only are they highlighting tie-dye, lace and English puff sleeves, but 90’s inspired low hanging trousers. Even robes were featured on the fashion runway. Harper’s Bazaar says, “There’s an ongoing Instagram hashtag, #robelife, which signifies the luxury moment in a high end hotel room when you chill wrapped in terry cloth. Designers are taking the emotion to the streets– with silk poplin robes for day from Givenchy, Thakoon and Public School.” How many are really bold enough to try a trend like this? According to a survey, only one out of five students.

With 2016 comes new hair trends too. If anyone is on the fences about getting a big chop, this spring would be the perfect time to do it. According to Refinery29, it’ll be trending as Mwill bobs inspired by the Great Gatsby. If that’s not a bold blast from the past, how about haircuts in geometric shapes? “That’s cool. I think that they’re very fashionable.” Says Sophia Venetianer. For those not brave enough to try such a daring look, perhaps statement bangs, long textured layers, a high top fade or a polished, sleek long bob is more preferable.

Spring is the perfect time to experiment. These new trends foster uniqueness and ooze boldness.  Embrace what will be an exciting year fashion-wise!


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