College and Career Readiness Forum Slated for January 6th

Kate Ariano ’18Capture
EE Staff Writer

This year’s Superintendent’s College and Career Readiness Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, at 7 PM in the Trumbull High School Auditorium, will strive to expose students to opportunities that Trumbull High, as well as the middle and even elementary schools, offers in forming the bridge between childhood education and college and career life. The invitation reaches out to students from eighth to twelfth grade as well as their parents.

Originated by the district, along with the Business Education Initiative (BEI) in Trumbull (a partnership of businesses, educators, the community, and town government which provides K-12 students with a better understanding of careers and the business environment), the forum has enhanced the awareness of students and their parents of opportunities after high school.

The Academic Challenge for Excellence Foundation (ACE) is another local organization whose main goal is to support clubs that correspond with this mission. Members and alumni of these clubs with be incorporated into this forum as well.

Ideally, the ACE Foundation and BEI want to illustrate to the audience that the goal of the ACE Supported Groups on all levels of the Trumbull Public School System is to further what students are learning in their classrooms and assist them in applying it to real world situations. These so-called “21st-century skills” are what groups like Model UN or Odyssey of the Mind are trying to prepare students to utilize.

Trumbull Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Gary Cialfi commented on these necessary qualities, saying,  “[It means] taking the basic skills and content that you’ve learned in the classroom, and then applying them to a real situation that requires you to think creatively, think critically, be innovative in how you are going to solve problems, [and] to be able to communicate effectively.”

By having students and alumni of Trumbull High standing side-by-side with leaders of today’s community, the message that there is an incredibly wide range of opportunity for students to succeed in their area of interest will clearly be expressed.

“When you’re looking at what’s going to make you successful in college, what’s going to make you successful in the business world, why not hear it right from those people?” says Dr. Cialfi.

This is precisely what the forum in January plans to do: present to students and their parents real-world examples of real people from a real town not only getting into the college they wanted or getting the job they applied for, and not only surviving in their position, but thriving.


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