The Peanuts Movie: A Classic

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The Peanuts Movie, directed by Steve Martino, is an uplifting children’s movie that many children and adults that have enjoyed previous Peanuts comics will find entertaining. Many adults will feel that this is a trip down memory lane while children are introduced to a classic movie. Charlie Brown, voiced by Noah Schnapp, is on his quest to win the love of the little red-haired girl, voiced by Francesca Capaldi.

Throughout the movie, Charlie Brown attempts to impress her through many different trials that were given to him by his friends.

Moreover, Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s beloved dog, embarks on a journey in the skies to chase the Red Baron, his arch-nemesis that has captured Fifi. Fifi is another dog that Snoopy is in love with.

Charlie Brown is an adorably embarrassing ten-year-old whose humorous attempts to gain the little red-haired girl’s attention is the focus of the whole movie.

During the movie, “Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their arch-nemesis, while his best pal, Charlie Brown, begins his own epic quest back home,” according to 20th Century Fox.

When the little red-head girl moves in across the street, Charlie Brown sees this as his opportunity to start over and live a life where his is not seen as awkward and goofy. His first attempt to win her heart is to win the talent show. However, being the good man Charlie Brown is, he decides to help his sister instead by  cutting his act out of the show at the last second and unwillingly embarrassing himself by dressing up as a cow for Sally Brown’s “rodeo.”

His second attempt is to win the dance contest at the Winter Dance, so he spends days trying to learn how to dance from Snoopy. “Better When I’m Dancin,” is featured during this segment, with all the Peanuts characters competing to win the competition. However, being the clumsy person that we know, he slips on punch spilled on the floor and the sprinklers in the room turn on, causing the dance to end as everyone rushes out.

In the end, Charlie Brown wins the little girl’s heart by simply being his awkward and clumsy self, and just talks to her before she leaves for summer camp.

Adults who grew up with Charlie Brown may enjoy it because of the nostalgia, but this film is more suitable for children. Nevertheless, the New York Times says, “The Peanuts Movie may be simultaneously the most charming and the most daring experiment in human genetics ever conducted.”

Overall, The Peanuts Movie is entertaining and will be enjoyed by many. Nottingham Post says, “In an age of increasingly sophisticated, multi-faceted animations, Steve Martino’s film harks back to simpler and unabashedly sentimental times of linear storytelling and wholesome messaging.”


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