Student Seeks Extra Credit, but Discovers a World of Hidden Treasures

Carly Netting ’17
EE Staff Writer


Priceless opportunities. Senior Natalia Paskevicz takes advantage of her economics extra credit assignment by visiting the Yale University Art Gallery in October 2016. Paskevicz went to see the Jonathan Trumbull exhibit, and found herself looking at Van Gogh’s “Square Saint-Pierre, Paris” priceless work of art. “I would have never known such famous artists had pieces here, and it was cool to unexpectedly see these pieces, and for free.”

Azure skies open up open both creative minds and opportunities for school. The silence in “Square Saint-Pierre, Paris” coupled with the sound of the swirling fall leaves on Yale University’s green allowed senior Natalia Paskevicz to stop and appreciate the world around her.

Although Paskevicz was at Yale to fulfill an extra credit opportunity for her Honors Economics class, she found beauty and culture both inside the gallery and around downtown New Haven. Paskevicz was assigned to visit the Yale University’s Art Gallery to look into town culture in the Jonathan Trumbull exhibit. However, she was surprised to find the works of famous artists, such as Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh scattered throughout the museum. “It was great to get points added to my economics grade, but it was more rewarding seeing priceless works of art that I never knew were so close to home.”

While Paskevicz was at Yale for the art gallery, she decided to take advantage of the area and explore Yale’s campus as well as downtown New Haven for the first time. Paskevicz was amazed at the beauty of the area as well as the gothic architecture that makes Yale so unique. “I never thought of New Haven to be as wonderful as this area is, and if it weren’t for this extra credit opportunity I would not have known about all there is to offer here.” Paskevicz is glad she took advantage of her optional assignment for economics, because it has opened her up to so much creativity and beauty in a convenient location close to her home.


Same State, Different World. Paskevicz looks up at Yale University’s Harkness Tower, a famous landmark for the school. She wondered why she had never visited the beautiful campus or known about the opportunities, like the art gallery, that the school has to offer for the public. “I felt like I had stepped into a whole new world, even though I was just thirty minutes away from home.”

After visiting Yale University for the first time, Paskevicz looks forward to visiting again in the future. “The art museum really amazed, me, and I saw many other great activities while walking through downtown New Haven that I hope to see when I come back.” She has gained a new appreciation for the culture and architecture that is in New Haven, and anticipates finding new ways to explore locally, gaining more of an appreciation for her home. For Paskevicz, driving to New Haven for extra credit did so much more than give her a ten point grade booster, it opened her eyes to a whole new world close to home, filled with old and exciting urbanity.

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