“Spring” Into Fun Activities!

Anjeli Sambasivam ’18
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

spring background

Spring into spring with a myriad of fun activities, ranging from eating ice cream to zip-lining!

When people think of spring, the first saying that comes to mind is, “April showers bring May flowers.”

Instead of sitting inside on a windy spring day, grab some of your friends and have some fun! Here are some activities for those sunny spring days.

1. Go on a hike. Walk down a flower-filled path as you breathe in the crisp spring air. Take some friends and just explore!

2. Take pictures. With the flowers blooming around you, spring is the perfect season to take some pictures.

3. Visit a popular local ice cream place. It’s never too cold for ice cream! Head to a local ice cream shop and try some unique new flavors.

4. Go biking! Grab your bike and just ride around the neighborhood. With the wind blowing around you spring is the perfect time to bike.

5. Take a scenic drive. Hop into your car and drive down a road surrounded by vibrant and colorful flowers.

6. Have a picnic. Go to a local park and have a picnic with delicious food and your friends and family.

7. Visit a local farmer’s’ market. Spring is the perfect time to eat some juicy fruit. It’s also the best place to find some at a farmer’s market.

8. Visit a local park. Walk around a local park with some friends and explore!

9. Go berry picking! Everyone loves strawberries, and spring is the best time to grab some friends and pick some berries.

10. Visit The Adventure Park. Swing around in the trees with exciting zip lines and obstacles that everyone will enjoy!

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