College Decisions Have Seniors Heading Off to Unexpected Places

Carly Netting ’17
EE Contributor

University of Connecticut

Many seniors are finding that their choices on where to attend college are not choices that they saw coming. As college decisions are winding down and seniors are starting to plan for their next academic adventures, many are finding that the colleges that they are attending were not schools that they would have seen themselves going to during their years in high school.

“I never saw myself at a state school, and during junior year I was against going to UCONN even though I had never been. Once I visited the school, though, I couldn’t believe how much I liked it and now I can’t be more excited to attend in the fall” senior Natalia Paskevicz said. Paskevicz is not the only one who is surprised by their decision, though. Many students found themselves drawn to schools they never gave a thought to, and now their futures are much different than they originally thought.

“I didn’t even know that I wanted to play a sport in college until my junior year, so my entire college process was different from what I thought it would be. I never thought I would apply to most of the colleges I applied to, and definitely did not think that my college decision would turn out the way that it did” senior Alexa Brown said, who is going on to play division one golf at Central Connecticut State University. Brown continues, saying “although I didn’t think I would be going to Central, I’m really excited to play golf and continue school at a place that I didn’t expect going to.”

Senior Kellie Broderick shared similar thoughts. “I was convinced that I would go to school on the pacific coast, in Washington or California. But when I went to visit the schools I applied to out there, I realized that it wasn’t what I actually wanted. I would have never guessed that I would be going to Penn State next year, but I’m so happy with my choice and can’t wait to go.”

Although these students are attending schools that they were not expecting to go to, they all expressed their excitement to attend these schools, and are happy where they will be going in the fall. These students all saw different paths for themselves before their senior year, but have found that they had to follow what they thought was a good choice, and base their decisions off of their own opinions. The college process is a long and confusing one, but Brown summed it up perfectly, saying “where you choose to go to college will be the right choice as long as you are comfortable and excited to go.”

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