Woolery Slam Dunks on the Competition

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor

Poetry slam MC’s: “Beans” and Danny Hoffman

Have you ever heard a poem about Donald Trump and Alexa, the Amazon device, using their powers to kill the bees and inevitably Beyonce? Or what about how a past love has shaped you into who you are today? Perhaps you heard the one about the bathroom epidemic and mexican food at school being too hot. As a matter of fact, that is the poem that won the entire Poetry Slam for junior Daejah Woolery last Friday night.  

Woolery expresses that “Most performers I’ve talked to will tell you they always either remember every detail of being on stage, or none at all. This year, I remember every action and I’m glad I do. It;s a highlight of my time at THS.”

The Slam started off with a short video made by senior Michael Collins. It touched upon the different aspects of poetry and what makes it so beautiful. Video clips and pictures of students enjoying their lives and simply being happy were projected for all to see as english teacher Mr. McCaffrey narrated the majority of the film. Some of the poets were even featured, sharing what poetry means to them.

Featuring twenty six poets in the first round, the audience had the opportunity to hear a wide range of works about things the poets were passionate about. Whether it was a comment on racial prejudice like the poem of junior and second place winner Terril Pile or a rebuke at Jerry Seinfeld’s acting career like senior Colby Laracuente’s third place performance, it seemed as if there was a poem for everyone in attendance.

“I really like going to the Poetry Slam because I think it;s a great place for people to be creative and express themselves in a way they normally don’t. There’s something for everyone because the poems are so diverse and unique that everyone can find something they like. It’s a good way to bring the school together while still having fun and learning” comments junior Abby Johnson who attended the Slam.

The MC’s of the Slam, seniors “Beans” and Danny Hoffman, led the audience through the night from poet to poet. Not only did they entertain the mass of students, teachers, families, and judges with short commentary on each poet, but their enthusiastic entrances to the stage each time gave some comic relief between the intense poems that really made you feel something. But of course, an epic school slam such as this could not be complete without the DJ dexterity of the one and only, Mr. Doyle.

To top it all off, the entire show was coordinated by students. With the help of the semester two poetry classes, the sixth annual Poetry Slam was a complete success.

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