Treasure Hunting & Bargain Busting

Victoria Vidal ’18
EE Contributor

Senior Maddie Touri, ditches the usual rhinestone strapless gown and exchanges it for a beautiful unique warm toned dress. This dress completely wraps in what Maddie’s style is about, warm colors, vintage patterns, and a whole lot of thrifting.

Tweed oversized sweaters, plaid straight legged pants, and a polaroid camera. What some may call pointless items, some think they are only the beginning to finding their own style. GoodWill, Buffalo Exchange, and Savers are many of the secondhand clothing stores that allow one to show self expression.

Thrift shopping, 2017s’ most raved about form of fashion. When you think of fashion, what do you think of? Urban Outfitters? High prices? Trends? For some people fashion is about finding an article of clothing and rendering it to make it their own. It is about someone’s secondhand clothes and turning them into a bold but comfortable fashion piece.

“The best part is probably finding the small treasures every once and awhile, like the things you know you can’t find if you try to look for them,” Maddie Touri said.

These small treasures can vary from old board games, to cameras, to leather pants, and to an endless amount of goodies.
Strangely enough, treasure hunting is the new “in” right now, it is both a stress reliever and a thrill of an experience.

“I do it because I love finding cute things that I can turn into my own. I could spend the whole day just going through every single item to find a few things that fit my style, and I’d be totally happy with that. My friends and I all go to Goodwill or some other store and just stay there for hours looking for clothes that we’d think would look cute on each other. It’s always a lot of fun for all of us,” Sophia Venetianer said.

The feeling of softer textures, silkier pieces, and a more relaxed fit is an essential to thrifting. Second hand clothes tend to have more of a well used feel to them, which is what some may try to find.

“When I thrift everything is worn in and comfortable, and I feel more myself in them as opposed to shopping at other stores,” Maddie Touri said.

It is equally important to make old loved clothes feel new again.

“It does not matter that another person owned a piece of clothing before I did, because I think that I could potentially value it more than the previous person did,” Sophia Venetianer said.

Above all the hype about thrift shopping, this is an adventurous and excellent way to determine your style. A simple worn in sweater or a pair of pre-owned checkered vans can change your view on different fashion senses.
Shop with a new perspective and visit one of your local thrifting stores to see what you can make out of you experience.

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