Skipping over the Holidays

By Marisa Marturano ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Hold on! Wait, stop that! Why are you putting up Christmas signs and coupons in your store the day after Halloween? I have seen stores that have their Christmas decorations next to the Halloween candy before the macabre and spooky day of October 31st is done. It is one of those things about retail that bothers me. Personally, I understand business and how stores make money, and I like the business world and all, but why must businesses and consumers skip from one holiday to the next?

I’ve noticed that the fall gets skipped and gypped in many ways. I mean, it is not like people are hanging their LED icicle lights the same time they are sending their children off back to school, but once the holidays begin, before I can even mouth the words “Happy Thanksgiving,” it is over…or, at least it seems that way.

The seasons feel rushed when stores try to bring the holiday too quickly, and then everything is marked down 75% the day after the holiday is over. It is ridiculous, this skipping from one holiday to the next. Paula Marturano, a substitute teacher at THS, agrees. “The retailers start stocking the shelves for Christmas even before Halloween has arrived. So, I feel like we are all getting cheated out of not enjoying each holiday separately.”

While putting up my Christmas lights, the holidays got me thinking. Consider the film Christmas with the Kranks. In this film, the two main characters (husband and wife) decide to skip Christmas all together and go on an island getaway cruise. That’s right. December 25th with no Christmas lights, trees, presents, and red and green merry jollying.

This was mostly the husband’s plan and his wife is in utter shock at first, but then realizes it could be a good idea to take a break, but, a break from Christmas? Why do they do this? Have they gone mad? I have seen this film multiple times. It is very funny and I think it is going to be a great Christmas classic someday, but should people be like Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie and skip Christmas?

I love the holidays. I enjoy the holiday season, putting my Christmas lights and tree up. I love Christmas shopping! I cannot wait, but before we ring in the New Year, should we don our pink sweaters and bow and arrows for Valentines Day?

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