Budget Bedroom Update

By Martha Hegley ’16
EE Staff Writer

Are you tired of your bedroom being plain or out dated? Do you want to modernize your room, but don’t have large amounts of money to spend? Here are a few easy, inexpensive tips to give your room a fresh, new look.

Repaint your walls – You don’t have to be an expert painter to give your room a bright pop of color. Paint is not very expensive, and it will make your room look brand-new. Push all furniture to the center of your room, or at least away from the walls. You should cover any items in danger of getting paint on them. Then grab your brush and begin! Tip: To make a bold statement in your room, paint one wall a different color than your other walls. This accent wall will be perfect to put your bed up against.

Add accessories – Accessories will bring a customized look to your room and can cost you next to nothing. You should search the dollar stores and clearance sections in all of your favorite department stores. Whether you find comfy throw pillows or something as simple as a picture frame, find what speaks to you. Or if you find yourself without the time to do this, you can use existing items in your house. Hang up a poster of your favorite movie star or athlete, or put some photos of your friends on a bulletin board. This will make your room personalized and will update it tremendously.

Clean up your clutter – This may seem like a simple thing to do, but it will really make an impact. By hanging up your clothes and organizing the papers on your desk you will give the illusion of a completely new room. One easy way to do this is to buy or make storage boxes. Department stores such as Target have decorative boxes of all sizes at low prices, but if you want to save even more money, you can make one yourself. Take an old shoe box and some wrapping paper and cover the box. You can store all sorts of items you don’t have a place for in here. With these easy steps you can create a custom-made, reorganized, bedroom at a low cost.

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  1. Carly Goroff says:

    This is an interesting article because I want to redo my room and I could definitely utilize some of these tips

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