Fashion Week Translates into Everyday School Wear

By Kerry Marques ‘14
EE Staff Writer

Back in February hundreds of designers released their Fall 2012 Collections in New York City at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As the leaves begin to change, snow begins to fall, and tans begin to fade, students make the bittersweet transition from summer to school. And flaunt these new fashion trends.

With colder weather in our midst, students can don the simple but unique trends that were all over the runway and are now hitting the streets.

Designers made sure to be practical this season by adding unexpected twists to traditional fall pieces. Just because the weather is getting colder, does not mean style has to suffer.

Stay toasty warm and fashionable this season by bundling up in a big oversized sweater that has an eye-catching print or is a unique color.

Another trend that got a re-vamp was one of autumn’s most beloved colors, burgundy. Designers took advantage of this universally flattering color any way they could. From lightweight cotton to luxurious velvet, no matter what the fabric was burgundy stole the show every time.

Say goodbye to plain silhouette’s and hello to the Peplum trend for this fall. Peplum is a ruffle that is added around the waist of a dress, skirt or even shirt. Surprisingly flattering on all body types, this new “it” silhouette is a touch that will compliment any outfit this fall.

Lastly, this season leather is making an unusual comeback. No longer for bikers and rockers, designers such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors are showcasing this classic fabric’s sophisticated side. When wearing leather this fall always remember less is more. Instead of a leather jacket try a dress that has leather detailing or a fun bag in a neutral leather color. Make the streets your runway this fall by wearing the latest fall trends.

One Response to Fashion Week Translates into Everyday School Wear

  1. jossy layedra says:

    I copletely agree, this fall fashion has become a very important and prominent issue in the halls of Trumbull HIgh. I know I take more time in the morning to plan out my outift than ever before. I try to wear something classy and cute everyday to school. The cold weather gives me a chance to try on winter clothes and style my outsfit with scarfs, jackets, leg warmers and high boots!

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