The Long Island Medium: Fact or Fiction

By Lisa Ward ’13
EE Staff Writer

The Long Island Medium: Fact or Fiction? Imagine what it would be like to have a woman with giant blonde hair and long red nails approach you to inform you that your dead grandmother is there to talk to you?

Theresa Caputo from TLC’s Long Island Medium matches this description. The mom of two from Long Island believes she has a gift that allows her to connect with people who have “crossed over,” as she calls it.

The Long Island Medium has gotten feedback from skeptics who doubt her to praise and relief of people who have been able to communicate with their loved ones.

Junior Alexa Bragg says “It seems like mediums might be in it to make money. It doesn’t really make sense to me how a person can talk to dead people. Since I’ve never actually been to a medium, it’s hard to say whether I believe or not.”

In a poll of 20 Trumbull High students, 12 people said they definitely believe in mediums, six disproved of them, while two were unsure or felt they needed to experience an interaction with a medium before knowing for sure.

Many people who appear on the show have a hard time understanding and trusting Theresa. In one episode, Theresa approached a skeptic at the grocery store to channel her dead mother who had “stepped forward.” As Caputo spilled out information that only the skeptic would know about, viewers could see they were starting to believe.

Although there are some skeptics, there are still many people who admire Theresa’s gift. In fact, she has an agenda full of appointments with no availability for over a year.

Senior Hannah Smith says “I think it’s so cool that there are normal people in the world who can communicate with people who have passed. I like watching the show because people get so much relief and closure after Theresa passes a message from their loved ones. It would be awesome to be able to see a medium one day because you never know what to expect.”

Aside from Theresa approaching people in public to relay a message to them about their loved one, she likes to show she is a typical person. The show takes viewers around with her husband and two college kids.

In one episode, the family helps her daughter prepare for her license test while her son moves home after graduating college.

Theresa says in the opening credits of The Long Island Medium, “I like to think of myself as your typical Long Island mom, but I have a very special gift- I talk to the dead.”

The show airs every Sunday night on TLC at 9 PM.

2 Responses to The Long Island Medium: Fact or Fiction

  1. Jenna r says:

    My step mom always watches that show. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing. I feel like it’s something I would need yo experience in order to believe.

  2. Ana Tantum says:

    I enjoyed this article because I enjoy watching the show on TLC but often wonder if it is real or not as well.

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