Social Issues Dominate This Year’s Fall Fashion

Gabriella Perez ’19
EE Contributor

Designer Jeremy Scott protests the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The 2018 autumn fashion week was during the midst of various social justice campaigns such as Time’s Up, #Me Too, and Everytown for Gun Safety. Designers are currently using their creative platforms to speak up on these important issues.

Popular fashion houses like Prada and Alexander McQueen are releasing designs centered around these issues. This year’s autumn fashion line has an odd twist of hyper elegance and a slap of inspirational messages. Designers are pushing their message of wanting to make women feel good, protected, and unstoppable so they can go out and conquer the world.

Head designer of Moschino, Jeremy Scott showed his support against Brett Kavanaugh during his New York City fashion week show. Scott wore a white tank top with the phrase “Tell Your Senator NO on Kavanaugh 202-902-7129.”

In an interview with Vogue UK, Scott said, “These are aggressive times. We need to ensure that we keep LGBT rights, women’s rights, women’s reproductive rights, and affirmative action – there’s a lot at stake right now.”

These tasks are anything but easy, but Scott is determined to push through. “It’s a serious era, but I still feel joyful,” He says. “We have to be optimistic and always give color and beauty. These are all parts of my inspiration”.

However, is it okay for big name brands like Moschino to use their artistic voice to speak out on these controversial issues? Or should they just stick to the runway?

History teacher Mr. Blanc believes that designers are speaking out for two reasons: “The first would be to make money. They can take advantage of a situation and make lots of money from it. The second would be to use clothes as a statement. Clothing can speak volumes, and for the people who do not protest or shout, they can use the subtle approach.”

Senior Ella Williamson said that she would buy clothes from companies that are pushing out these messages, as long as they are true to the cause and are not exploiting it for money. “If these brands want to support a movement they have to do so monetarily,” Williamson says. “Otherwise they’re just riding the wave of passion for a movement.”

With so many problems occuring on a daily basis around the world, it can be difficult to decipher right from wrong, especially with the additional influences from politicians. But this fall, be ready to see some of your favorite fashion brands not only step onto the runway, but also speak out about today’s current issues.

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