Girls Ice Hockey Season Preview

Sophie Leeds ‘19
EE Contributor

Trumbull/St. Joseph Co-op Forward Rachel Zack skates against Wilton.

The Trumbull – St. Joseph’s High School Ice Hockey co-op team has returned to the ice this December. They will play eleven home games this year at the Shelton Rinks and nine games on the road. Despite last season’s outcome, players from the team are confident that with good communication and hard work their season will be unlike past years. Losing just two seniors from last year and gaining some strong freshmen players, this season marks the most amount of girls participating in Trumbull girls ice hockey history.

Some would think to play on a team consisting of both Trumbull and St. Joseph would be problematic given the history and rivalry among the two schools, however, junior defender Annika Haakonsen disagrees. “It’s so much fun… having people from both schools on one team makes the comeradery between us feel more expansive and interesting than if we just played with girls from one school. We all became friends very quickly, and the second we step on the ice, we’re one unified Trumbull team.”
Senior captain, Rachel Zack agrees, and is thankful for the opportunity to have “…met a lot of great people [she] otherwise wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for being on this team.” Zack is one of three captains this year, her role has been “to pump up the team, help organize practices with the coaches and co-captains and most importantly bring the team together.”
Regardless of their school, all players share a common goal to beat the Masuk Co-op, who they already defeated on December 7th by a score of 8-2. The team is also scheduled to play Masuk later in the season, on January 21st.

Many players were hard at work this offseason. The team was been working to improve their stamina, endurance, and basic skating techniques according to Haakonsen. Aside from conditioning, the team “needs to do better at communicating on the ice and passing in front of the net.”

Additionally, they need to work on breaking out the puck to get more rushes up the ice. Once the team can do this, it will create better opportunities for them to score which will result in more wins according to Megan McCarthy.

Sophomore defender Megan McCarthy is coming off of a very impressive field hockey season in goal earning First Team All-FCIAC and Second Team All-State. McCarthy says making the transition from the field onto the ice will not be a challenge as long as she continues to work hard. With a goal of being just as recognized as she was in field hockey, it will be interesting to see what this sophomore defender will bring to the ice.

This season will be an exciting one as players from the team urge the Trumbull High community to come out and support. The team has already began with a solid record of 2-1. For those who have not been to a game and are unfamiliar with ice hockey in general, Zack explains “It’s unlike any other sport, it’s fast-paced and the skating is very interesting to watch.” Many people don’t get a chance to play ice hockey so “to be able to watch a game is very exciting,” McCarthy says.

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