Awards and fun for Trumbull High at Princeton Model Congress

George James ‘19
EE Contributer

Model Congress team competes at conference hosted by Princeton University in Washington D. C.

Twenty-four members of the Trumbull High School Model Congress team recently competed at the annual Princeton Model Congress conference in Washington D.C, and took home seven awards over the 4 day event.

Model Congress is a simulation of Congress where students propose legislation and debate it using parliamentary procedure, which is very similar to how proceedings take place on Capitol Hill. Each delegate at the Princeton Conference is a part of a specific committee, like Homeland Security or Foreign Relations, where all of the legislation debated is related to topics that would be debated in its counterpart committee in the real Congress.

The Princeton Conference was exclusively for upperclassman, yet there were varying amounts of experience among the group. For some, this was their 6th overnight conference, but for others it was their first. The conference was still a blast for all, even those who were learning during the trip.

Senior Delaina Bellows described her first trip by saying, “It was definitely a lot more work than I imagined, but it was interesting to see the way Congress works and participate in it. I learned more than I ever expected and loved seeing D.C.”
Kyle Beck, President of Trumbull Model Congress, had nothing to say but praise when asked to talk about the trip. He said, “I could not be prouder of the number of students on our team who demonstrated their skill, devotion, and passion for the club. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our team.”

While the trip to Washington D.C. was primarily to compete and bring home awards, advisor Ms. Boland ensured that the team had time to have fun exploring the city. The students got to visit Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s office on the first day, and received a special tour from his office.

“Even though this was my third year going on the Princeton trip, I really enjoyed touring the Capitol because we get to see things and do things that not all visitors have the opportunity to do,” said James Dubreuil, an Executive Board member of Model Congress.

The team also had almost 8 hours of free time on Saturday, where they got to explore the museums and monuments D.C has to offer. Senior Owen Hopwood said, “I chose to go to the National Air and Space Museum with some friends, and it was really cool for me because I got some time to relax after all the time I spent in committee sessions.”

While students went their different ways, one thing everyone who was on the trip can agree on, is that they were able to benefit and learn in many ways by participating.

With the Princeton Conference now behind them, the club will begin looking towards Penn Model Congress in March. This is the “varsity” conference, which is comprised of those who won an award at Princeton, as Trumbull High looks to defend their “Best Small Delegation” title from last year.

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