Fantasy Football: Better Than the Real Thing?

By Mark Ballaro ‘13

Are you ready for some football? No wait, are you ready for some fantasy football? A growing trend among men of all ages and even some women is joining a fantasy football league. Gather 12 friends, sign up, and you’ve got a competition to win it all.

Fantasy football has been around for over 40 years, but has just began becoming popular recently due to advances in technology. Years before, everything would be done on paper and would be recorded manually. Now there are computer systems, which will calculate scores and allow roster changes over the internet. This has attracted many new users and has added new interest to watching the sport of football.
So what is actually more fun? The enjoyment of relaxing on Sunday afternoons watching your favorite team play or that anxious feeling when you are hoping to see if your players are doing well. Ryan Pearson, senior, is the commissioner of a league and also owns multiple teams. Though he is a football player and loves the game of football, he says that he is really in it for the competition. “As a competitor, there is no such thing as losing to me. I will win my league.”

The best part about fantasy football is that it is suitable for all ages. George Ameer, age 48, says he has been participating in Fantasy Football for three years with co-workers from his office. He loves the competitiveness with the other league members and loves the conversations they have after each week’s games. “This is my favorite thing to do online, better than Facebook and surely better than doing work.”
As a few weeks have already passed, the excitement from the live draft is over, and it is now time to see if individual picks have turned out as expected. If not, it brings a new factor to the game of fantasy football. The ability to trade players has added more nerves and allowed owners to take huge risks. Another major conflict is having players on a team that are disliked. For example, if you are a die-hard Giants fan, but a really good Cowboys player is on your team playing against the Giants, who do you root for? Are you really that big of a fan, or does the money trump any feelings for that team?
Regardless of your age or your gender, if you watch football then giving fantasy football a chance is highly recommended. As the popularity is increasing, now is the time to hop on the bandwagon and make a league. If this year is not your year, you will always have next year, and for as many years as you continue to be a fan of the sport.

3 Responses to Fantasy Football: Better Than the Real Thing?

  1. Taylor Milne says:

    Every year at the start of the football season, this fantasy league dominates the topics of conversation for all my friends. The girls have no choice but to be involved because is it the only thing the guys at our lunch table or in our classes. So reguardless of whether you hold an interest in fantasy football you can’t get away from it, its popularity is undeniable.

  2. Logan Ratick says:

    Fantasy Football is easily as popular as the NFL. Every Monday, my classmates talk about who racked up more fantasy points for them more often then analyzing the performance of a particular team that Sunday.

  3. Jeremy Lewis says:

    Is it better than the real thing? In my opinion I feel it makes the NFL that much better. There is nothing better than sitting down on my couch, watching the Patriots lose, and seeing Tom Brady getting trampled over (Too Bad This hardly ever happens) but watching the unexpected, makes the game thrilling to watch. Fantasy football allows the average NFL fan be able to find out how his least favorite (Patriots/ Tom Brady) or favorite team (Retirement/Brett Favre) 🙂 is doing by Phone or email, when they can’t visually watch the game. FF is da bomb!

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