THS To Institute Strict Handwashing Protocol

Kathryn Wilkinson ‘20
FF CDC Director-In-Training

Editor’s Note: Happy April Fools’ Day

In light of events surrounding the coronavirus and the recent discovery that most teenage boys do not wash their hands before leaving the restroom, the administration has decided to enact strict guidelines for handwashing and hygiene for both students and staff upon returning to school. 

A lot of thought and planning, about twenty minutes and a handful of emails to be exact, has been put into this new policy to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the THS community. Everyone must understand these guidelines, so please read this carefully.  

In each and every bathroom, there will be a handwashing police, of the same gender, stationed by the sinks. The primary job of this new staff is to ensure proper handwashing of each and every student. Students are required to use one pump of soap and scrub for at least twenty seconds, then rinse. 

Failure to follow these incredibly elementary rules will result in consequences. The handwashing police has the right to reprimand. If a student chooses to not wash their hands at all, there will be a mandatory one day in school suspension. If a student does not wash their hands for at least twenty seconds or does not engage in proper scrubbing, the student will be asked to rewash their hands. If they still fail to follow protocol the handwashing police will issue a handwashing citation. If a student earns three citations, they will be subject to a lunch detention. 

However, there are benefits to properly washing your hands. All handwashing police will be equipped with gold star stickers. Earning five gold star stickers will earn you a free item at the school store. 

The THS administration has also instituted a new, mandatory, quarter-long class for ALL students. The portables are no longer used for normal classes. They have been renamed the Handwashing Headquarters. In these headquarters, students will take a class titled, “Handwashing, Hygiene, and Me” where they will learn about cough and sneeze etiquette, how to properly wash their hands, and how to mitigate the spread of sickness.  

It is imperative that all students pass this class. If a student fails, they will be asked to come back next quarter. No exceptions will be made. 

Lastly, each classroom will be equipped with a sanitizing station at the door. Students and staff will be asked, before entering the classroom, to take one pump of hand sanitizer and properly sanitize their hands. Upon exiting, they must sanitize again. 

If a teacher reports that a student has failed to follow these rules, consequences determined by the teacher may be made. 

THS is also proud to announce a new club. The Hygiene Club will be a place for students to delve deeper into healthy practices and disease prevention. The club will host interactive and educational seminars on handwashing and etiquette to the Trumbull community. 

Through heavy involvement and dedication to this club, students can become Handwashing Ambassadors and carry on the legacy of  cleanliness is THS. They will be given the power of enforcing handwashing and etiquette and will promote the safety of all students and staff. 

The THS administration has only relayed this information to the Fleagle’s Fly Staff, and have asked this newspaper to be the sole relayer of this important new policy. To keep up to date on this incredibly pertinent information, please remember to read all Fleagle’s Fly publications! 

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