Maia Launches 365 Days With mxmtoon

Hannah Adams ’23
EE News/Features Editor

From studying for a career in architecture, to singing her hit song Prom Dress in front of millions of fans, Maia, known as her stage name mxmtoon, has had life experiences unimaginable to many. Now, she wants to take a step back from her life of abundant fans and recording sessions, to talk openly about the past, specifically, the major events of history.

In her upcoming podcast 365 days with mxmtoon, listeners get to hear Maia talk about history and the many life-changing events within it. Each day brings a new scene and a new peculiar story.

In the free ten-minute episodes, Maia regales about everything, from the first anti-smoking public service announcement to Mexico gaining their independence, and even to Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious death. The topics covered in this podcast not only appeal to history buffs, but to young adult fiction fans, comedy show watchers, and much more!

The highly popular artist/songwriter/actor/designer had been hinting at the release of this podcast, not just by sharing pictures of her history notes from high school, but with cryptic messages in numerous tweets. Now, the podcast is easily streamable and decipherable on Youtube and Spotify.

In the crazy present that we live in, Maia attempts to make sense of the past and everything that led us to today. The audience gets to listen and become educated about fascinating events of history, and experience an intimate conversation with one of their favorite artists. Maia hopes that this can be a source of entertainment as well as an aid in virtual learning and online school.

Mxmtoon is inviting everyone to come listen to her regale about the incredible events of history, and maybe even leak her new music at the end of each of the episodes. Get ready for an entire year, all 365 days, with mxmtoon.

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