Soccer Teams Have Big Goals for the Season

By Ana Tantum ‘13

The memories of the November 25th 2011 state finals are ever present in the minds of soccer players. In the upcoming 2012 season, how do both the girls and boys teams plan on bouncing back from their heartbreaking state final losses and find their way to the top?

The boys are up for the challenge.  Team captain, Nick Weinstein, says, “It’s real tough losing in the state finals and be able to bounce back.” However, despite the hard work that will be needed, the boys are excited for the season.  Weinstein states, “The team this year is the hardest working team I’ve been on.  We are determined, and the overall attitude is great.” Clearly the boy’s team possesses the drive needed to get back on top. The Eagles ultimate goal is to return as FCIAC champs, and finally get their much-awaited state title.

As for the girl’s team, expectations are also high. For the Lady Eagles, last year’s state final loss serves only as greater motivation to win it this year. Going into the season, all returning varsity players agree that they are more enthusiastic than ever and motivation has rubbed off on the new players as well. The girl’s plan for bouncing back is simple: teamwork. “Our main goal this season is to focus on team chemistry and working together. We are a very close team and want to fight to get the win for each other,” says senior captain Katie Sullivan. The girl’s team also hopes to make it far in both the FCIAC and state tournaments, but no matter what happens they are in it together.

Both the girls and boys teams started of the 2012 fall season with 2-0 records. They hope to maintain these winning streaks throughout the rest of the regular season and playoffs. One thing is clear, Trumbull soccer is as motivated as ever to get back to the top and win.

Photo by Ana Tantum

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  1. Matt VonSchleusingen says:

    Both the guys and girls soccer teams are looking really good this year. We better live up to our performance last year (guys), and the girls better win it all this year! Our athletics did a tremendous job throughout the year, and the momentum better continue with the 2012 boys and girls soccer teams. Go Eagles!

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