Model U.N. Ahead of the Competition

Rachel Tropp‘16
EE Staff Writer

Less than halfway through the year, Trumbull High School’s Model UN club is already way ahead of the competition.

Preparing for their fourth conference of the year, MUN has also hosted activities like UN day. The 67th United Nations Day Celebration was held on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012.

The THS Chamber Singers sang about peace and political representative Tony Hwang inspired students to be part of everyday action. The club has also run periodic candy sales in the cafeteria to fundraise for trip, so be on the lookout.

Coming up soon is the Yale Conference, and students will be working very hard to prepare. If the club’s record is any indication, though, they will certainly be fantastic.

The conferences entail students form different committees talking about global problems the UN faces; each committee tries to resolve a specific problem, and delegates act as representatives for various involved parties. They write resolution papers and discuss the benefits and consequences of different actions.

Throughout the conference students attend speeches and have downtime to enjoy the atmosphere, and in the end, several delegates are awarded for a job well done.

The first conference of the year for THS MUN took place at Horace Mann High School in New York. Then, during the weekend of November 10-11, 2012, the Model UN team competed at the University of Connecticut Model UN Competition.

There were more than 300 students from around the northeast and Canada at the competition. Trumbull’s own graduate Emily Block ’10 was the chair of one of the committees.

Trumbull High School came away with four awards after the weekend competition.

Jeff Netting: Best Delegate for his work as Russia in the International Criminal Court.
Gulrukh Haroon: Best Delegate for her work as Nigeria in the Counter Terrorism Committee.
Nick Lozinak: Best Delegate for his work as Nigeria in UNCTAD.
Chitra Nidadavolu: Most Improved Delegate for her work as Russia in UNICEF.

Most recently, THS’s MUN stole the show at Fairfield University (FUMUN) on Friday, November 16, 2012. Competing against schools, both public and private, from as far as New York and New Jersey.

Trumbull High students won six of the ten possible awards for best and honorable delegate.

Jeff Netting: Best Delegate for Germany in Humanitarian Action of WWII and Present Day: A Discussion on Genocide.
Brandon Capece: Best Delegate as Spain in the Libyan Uprising Committee.
Kevin Bielicki: Honorable Mention as Libya in the Libyan Uprising Committee.
Nicole Wittstein: Best Delegate as World Bank Chairman Jim Yong Kim in the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.
Ryan McEniry: Honorable Mention as the IEA Executive Director.
Lily Bauer: Best Delegate as Albania in the Special Session Crisis Committee: Human Trafficking in the Balkans.

It was a great opportunity for new delegates to try their skills, because it was a day conference, whereas the rest are mainly overnight.

However, there is more to come. Later this year, after the Yale Conference, THS will be hosting TMUNI, its annual invitational conference right here in Trumbull.

The conferences and experiences as a result of them are both fun and useful, often teaching skills that could eventually help in class and throughout life.

According to Zaineb Haroon, a tenth grade member, “Model UN has helped me develop as a public speaker, along with becoming more aware of the issues in the world. After going to some conferences like UCMUN, FUMUN and DartMUN, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to raise debate with new faces and spending the experience with my friends.”

A ninth grader and new member this year, Taylor Berlin, said, “Model UN gives students a unique opportunity to explore global politics further then with the normal curriculum and Trumbull High’s MUN is one of the best.”

This is certainly true, looking at its record. Also, it is important not to underestimate the benefits of knowing what is going on around you. It makes you an informed person who thinks about solutions to world problems; if more people were so globally minded, these problems might not even begin.

Clearly, the Model United Nations has a lot of value to it for politically-minded people. All in all, it’s the exciting beginning to an exciting year for MUN.

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