Technology: Where Will It Hit Next?

Vanessa Kenealy ’13
EE Staff Writer

Technology at Trumbull High School is on a quest to take over the old methods of the college application process. In previous years, the college application used to be mailed to the college of seniors’ choice, but now that college has become more advanced, Trumbull High uses technology to the student’s advantage.

Naviance, an online website that allows students and faculty to look into college needs, also allows students to look up what potential colleges are interested in and helps guidance counselors efficiently send out student transcripts. For teachers, it allows them to write up college recommendation letters and upload them onto Naviance where they can be sent to the colleges students wish to attend.

“I love this new technology because I can upload it to Naviance and don’t have to worry about the hassle of mailing out the college recommendation letters,” says Mr. Allen.

Teachers and students are getting on board with the new technology. “I am definitely for this new technology because with the use of Naviance I don’t have to fear the college recommendation letter that my teacher sends out is going to get lost in the mail, not reach the school in time, or have the wrong address on the envelope. So this technology makes me have less stress this time of the year,” says Jossy Layedra, a senior.

Naviance is just one aspect of new technology. Many colleges are now converting to the new online college application website called Common app. On this website students fill in the blanks provided by typing information into the computer. With a click of your mouse, they can upload a document that contains their essay and additional information that makes them stand out as an applicant.

Having this new technology is a blessing for some seniors. As Maggie Velloso, a senior at THS replies, “I am actually for this new technology because I love using Common app and it allows me to sit at home on my bed and fill out the application in the comfort of my own home. With a computer if you make mistakes, you can always use a backspace button and correct those mistakes, which is always good. You don’t have to worry about your handwriting being messy because that won’t be a problem typing it up. This technology is just making it easier for us seniors.”

But it can be equally a blessing as well as a nightmare. “I think that it is just making it harder for seniors who don’t have free time to sit down and answer all these questions on the Internet, and it makes it more difficult for seniors who that don’t have the privilege of using a computer at home and doing the whole process online. I wish most colleges had the option of using Common app. I don’t have time between working five days a week and heavy load of school work,” says senior Heather Scofield.

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