Trumbull Rec. Basketball: The Real Deal

By Mark Ballaro ‘13
EE Staff Writer

After the December 6th draft day, many Trumbull High students are anxious to get their basketball season started as well. With most of the THS male athletes participating and numerous female team managers, Rec basketball appeals to a large crowd.

Fifteen teams are in the rec. basketball league this year with players’ ages ranging from sophomores to seniors. The teams mostly consist of friends on the same team, but the excitement comes from competitiveness when two teams of friends collide in a prime time match up.

Senior player and coach, James DeNomme, says he cannot wait for the upcoming season. “The match up I’m mostly amped for is on January 24th. We play a group of our friends, which would give us bragging rights for the rest of the season. I hope to draw a big crowd.”

After about ten games played, teams are ranked based on their records and playoffs begin. This is when the fun and games end and the real teams come to play.

Senior Carl Johnson expresses his views on this year’s playoffs. “After being knocked out of the playoffs in the second round last year, I was very disappointed. This year my team is looking strong and is considered the favorite. All over twitter we are spreading the word of #team2 winning it all.”

The prize for winning the championship is just a t-shirt, but it means so much more to the players. Ryan Pearson, an All-FCIAC running back for Trumbull High elaborated on the topic. “Winning this means so much to me, and possibly is way more prestigious than any award I have received in football. I would rather win this than win states, and that is saying a lot.”

The season starts on Thursday December 13th, and games are from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays so come show your support for the most exciting basketball league in Trumbull.

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  1. Jeremy Lewis says:

    Awesome article!!! I would have to agree that the rec championship is a great achievment for any member in the rec organization. Team 8 all the way!!!

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