Exercise Your Options

By Cristen Yakush ’13
EE Staff Writer

Staying fit by going to the gym is a common daily ritual for many people. Luckily in the town of Trumbull, residents have many options for where they can become gym members. Currently, three open gym facilities are open and one is en route to launch soon giving Trumbull residents a plethora of options to suit personal preference. Whether you want a gym with a sauna, tanning, or classes, Trumbull’s fitness establishments can meet everyone’s desires.

Planet Fitness has been the original go-to gym for many teenagers and adults. At an affordable price, just $100 a year, for a white card membership, membership is common.

“I go to planet fitness mostly because I can afford it myself. Plus, it has everything I need. I don’t need a fancy gym just to workout,” said senior Kylie Rotanelli.

Planet Fitness has all the basic machines, as well as tanning and massage chairs for black card members. Although some like working out at the traditional yellow-and-purple covered facility, some residents have chosen the newer facilities in Trumbull.

The Lakewood YMCA is a smaller scale fitness center some choose to workout at. With fewer machines than Planet Fitness, the workout environment is much different. Some feel as though the YMCA gives a more personal feeling rather than being surrounded by nearly 100 other people working out. This gym also offers organized classes at set times every week. Despite the fact that not as many people are members here, those who are, love the YMCA’s newly redone conditions and small workout area.

Recent excitement has been over the new gym, LA Fitness, which opened at the Trumbull Shopping Mall. LA Fitness is a state of the art facility with everything from the basic treadmill to a swimming pool. LA offers unique classes, personal training, racquetball, a basketball court, pool and sauna, and cycling. This gym has everything you could possibly need to customize your workout and stay in shape, going by their slogan “Exercise your options.” While many people have made the switch to LA Fitness, some have stuck with their original memberships due to the higher price of LA, at $30 a month.

Despite all LA Fitness has to offer, anticipation is high for the soon-to-be opening of The Edge. While many surrounding towns including Stratford, Shelton, and Fairfield all have The Edge gym, a brand new facility is opening in Trumbull. The Edge Fitness Center is the perfect medium for those who want a nice workout environment, but not one that is over the top. The Edge offers all the essential machines, as well as tanning, classes, and personal training. The new gym will even be offering turf sprint lanes and a juice bar to enjoy post workout. This gym has received excellent reviews and is reasonably priced at $20 per month. Expected early in 2013, the grand opening is just around the corner.

7 Responses to Exercise Your Options

  1. Kylie Rotanelli says:

    I like this article because I go to Planet Fitness and didn’t know why so many people were leaving. After reading this, I am aware of all the benefits of L.A. fitness and may even considering joining that gym instead.

  2. Carly says:

    I think this is a really well-written article and it was interesting to learn about all the different gym options available in Trumbull.

  3. Taylor Milne says:

    The Edge is a happy medium between Planet Fitness and LA Fitness in price. It is cool that Trumbull has so many options just for a gym membership, that way no one place is overly crowded. Most my friends go to Planet Fitness and LA Fitness. I know a lot of them are planning on joining the edge when it opens, too, but I do not hear of a lot of people going to the Y.

  4. Jennifer Galiani says:

    this was a really good article because it is relatable to THS students. I personally am a member at planet fitness but I know many people who are starting to go to the Edge which is just as popular.

  5. William Hatoum says:

    Great job with all the information! People should consider what they’re looking to do when deciding between prices and gyms LA fitness is awesome if you utilize all the things they offer such as the pool and suana. If you’re just looking to use some Cardio machines and lift weight planet fitness is the best choice with such a low price.

  6. Melissa Giblin says:

    I enjoyed reading this article because I am a member of Planet Fitness in Trumbull but I have been to LA Fitness and that gym is really nice but too expensive. I plan on getting a membership at the new Edge when it opens because it is nicer than Planet Fitness but not as expensive as LA Fitness.

  7. Sara Steere says:

    This article really shows the options open to those who do not yet have gym memberships. Like many people I am a member of Planet Fitness, and plan to stay there because I dont really need a fancy environment to workout in. A lot of my friends say they want to switch to The Edge when it opens, because it’s cheaper than LA and nicer than PF.

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