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By Alexandra Baird ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Link Crew is in full force, serving freshmen during December and January. With an upcoming Academic Follow-Up (AFU), a cocoa and cram, and even a movie night, link leaders continue to welcome freshmen into the Trumbull High School community.

At the start of the year, Link Crew members were available around the school to help freshmen find classes, to answer questions, and provide support in and out of the classroom. But the Link Crew program does not end when the first quarter does. Link leaders stay in touch with freshmen and provide special events year round.

Senior link leader Alex Allyn described the upcoming AFU event. “We’ll be going into freshman English classes and talking to the students about topics such as bullying and how to handle stress. I’m excited to participate because I think it’s important to continue the connection with the freshman class throughout the year.”

That positive attitude is at the core of what makes link leaders and Link Crew an integral part of the freshman experience.

Senior Ana Tantum who participated in cocoa and cram last year reminisces about the success of the program. “The turnout was great and I connected with freshmen I hadn’t met yet. Everyone left feeling good about midterms as well as their new friends.”

Link Crew has been beneficial for freshmen students since it was introduced to Trumbull High School in 2010 by Mrs. Intemann and Mrs. DeNunzio, but how do freshman who have participated in link crew feel?

Current sophomore Charlotte Kendall reflects on her Link Crew experience. “Link Crew was really helpful for the first few days of school. I always knew that there were leaders in the hall to help me. The events throughout the year were helpful as well.”

Link Crew reaches out to freshmen year round, helping them adjust to the new world of high school. So if you’re a freshman, do not forget to link up for these exciting upcoming events!

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  1. Mark Ballaro says:

    I used to be a part of Link Crew, and I think it is a great program at Trumbull High. Of course it was estbalished after I was a freshman, so I never got the experience of it. The best we can do now is just support the freshmen we have now.

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