Trumbull High Passes the Test

By Alex Allyn, Sara Steere, Kylie Rotanelli, Jenna Vietze
EE Staff Writers

Students often hear about Trumbull High School being included in many different ranking systems and performance standards, but few students know where the statistics come from or what they mean.  Recently, Connecticut’s Department of Education adopted a new system for school ranking, which is based on whether students at individual schools are making specific grades. The subjects the system focuses on are reading, writing, math, and science. So, what was Trumbull high School’s score and was it accurate?

The results are in. Out of high schools in the area, including Ansonia, Bridgeport, Derby, Fairfield, Milford, Monroe, Oxford, Region 9, Seymour, Shelton, and Stratford, THS scored an impressive 88.8 out of 100.   Trumbull ranked an impressive #2 out of these high schools. The only school rated more highly, with a score of 93.7 was Joel Barlow of Region 9.

After examining the scores throughout the state, an 88.8 is a considerably high ranking. A score of 88 meets all state standards.  Most of the high schools in the Connecticut area earned much lower scores, ranging from a 29.1 at Harding High in Bridgeport to an 88.2 at Masuk High School in Monroe.

According to Dean of Students, Anthony Pijar, what sets Trumbull high apart from surrounding schools are the students. “Most are academically focused and socially mature, which goes a very long way.”

While Trumbull High was not the highest scoring school around and other well recognized high schools in the area received more points, Trumbull High achievements are still noteworthy.

“Our resources are more limited than other schools. What we do have, however, is a great mix of social classes and students and staff who work well together to achieve amazing feats,” says Mr. Pijar.

However, one question to ponder is how can we improve even more? According to Mr. McLaughlin we need to better utilize some of the programs we already have in place, as well as making small improvements and continuing to do what we are doing. By promoting programs and having more students take advantage of the diverse programs and activities that THS offers, the better off our school will be.

“Many people believe statistics are only as important as what you read into them because you can make anything look good, and you can make anything look bad.  This is one indicator that shows we are doing our job as a high school,” Stated Mr. McLaughlin.

3 Responses to Trumbull High Passes the Test

  1. Cristen Yakush says:

    I had no idea Trumbull High was ranked so high in comparison with other schools in the area. I think as a whole Trumbull provides a great balance and offers a lot for students to succeed. I don’t think enough students realize what an opportunity it is to go to Trumbull High and this article definitely puts it into perspective.

  2. Maddie McGillicuddy says:

    Overall, I found this article to be very informative. While I never really took into consideration what our school was ranked alongside other neighboring schools, once I became aware that we placed #2, I was definitely impressed. I think students need to be made aware of our school’s success. Like the first paragraph mentioned, although I knew THS was included in numerous rankings and such, I never fully understood what the statistics meant until after reading this article.

  3. Stephanie Guerin says:

    It does not surprise me that trumbull high scored so well on this test. We are definitely a great school and have many motivated students. The staff is overall a great group of adults with a variety of different personalities. We have a great success rate in continuing education out of high school. I’m proud to be a student at THS and it is cool to get actual proof of our success.

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