Halloween Happenings

By Tina DeLuca ’15

You hear the roar  of the trucks engine come to a halt.  He’s here. And he knows you’re home.  His footsteps thump up your walkway, each step increasing the rate of your heartbeat.  “Maybe he won’t notice me,” you think.  But it’s too late.  He sees the light on inside your house.  You huddle up against the door and…BANG BANG BANG!!!!! His large hands pound hard on your door, and you can feel it rattle your bones.  You gather what tiny bit of courage you have and fling open your door and come face to face with…your mailman delivering the long-awaited Halloween costume catalog.  *Enter evil laughter.* Yes, my pretties, Halloween is upon us once again.  That night where magic is at its highest peak, and the creatures of the night come to play.

This October 31st, so many young and old will escape reality and head out into the night on a blissful masquerade.  It’s fun, is it not? Being something different.  To escape yourself for one night and become something you’re not? Who wouldn’t want to dress up as his/her favorite character from a book? While some go for more frightening costumes, such as Jigsaw or Freddy Krueger, there are people who dress up all kinds of “blah words” and go as a fairy or maybe their favorite superhero.  Sometimes whole families get into the act, dressing up as perhaps the Addams Family or the Avengers.  But, costumes are part of what makes Halloween so fun! Classic or creepy? Cute or haunting?

Still, the one other thing on every teen’s mind is…C-A-N-D-Y… because it’s the sweetest reward on the night.  Shouts : “I got a chocolate bar!” “ I got Jolly Ranchers!” “…….I got a rock.” Though I doubt any of you will be turned into a poor Charlie Brown, everyone’s got a favorite! That one sweet treasure you cannot live without? Be it gooey or chewy, it’s what everyone comes out for Halloween night! Sugar rushes all around!

Warning: Side effects of Halloween include:
  • Sugar highs
  • High rate of scares
  • Vampire bites
  • Zombie attacks
  • That one neighbor who leaves his sprinklers on
  • Excessive use of the words “trick or treat”
  • Laughter
  • Fun

3 Responses to Halloween Happenings

  1. kylie rotanelli says:

    I really like the last part of this article “Warning side effects of Halloween” because there funny and accurate

  2. Beth Bolton says:

    For years Halloween has been the only holiday my family really truely celebrates. Maybe we do cause it’s fun, maybe my sister and I just really loved all the candy we would get, or maybe its because Halloween is really the only holiday that is celebrated in so many different ways. I have since stopped actually going out trick or treating but instead I sit at home watching a movie with a couple of friends while we stuff our faces with our favorite candies. BTW Halloween, if you haven’t realized this already, is the only time its okay to take candy from strangers. 😀

  3. Amanda Burtnett says:

    My favorite costumes that I have seen throughout the years are always a group of people who dress up together. They always come out the most accurate, in my opinion. Too bad Trumbull has not had a real Halloween for the past two years.

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