Math Team Performed Better Than Ever In Recent Competition

Joshua Dubreuil ‘20
EE Sports Editor
Sai Kolasani ‘21
EE Staff Writer

The Trumbull High School Math Team placed 6th out of 29 teams at Wilton High School on February 5th, 2020. They participated in the Fairfield County Math League (FCML) for their fifth competition, and they have been improving in all of their meets.

The team practices every Friday directly after school in C28, with advisors Mrs. Capobianco, Mr. Darrow, and Mr. Seamon. Mrs. Capobianco is the only teacher in the school to teach Multivariable calculus, and Mr. Darrow is the only teacher in the school for AP Statistics. Some say he is “Teacher of the Year”. With these three passionate teachers, the team is packed with spirit and fun.

The team captains are Cyrus Asgari and Howard Qian. They lead the team, set a good example, and help everyone out who needs help with their math-related problems.

Sophomore Yash Permalla has been the A-Team’s most consistent high scorer, leading the team to strong performances at each match this year.
The Trumbull High School Math Team is made up of the A-Team, and the B-team. While both of Trumbull’s teams scores points during a competition, only the A team’s score is used when calculating the team’s placement.

“Although I was hesitant to join the math team,” says one of the team’s newest members, Senior Evani Dalal, “I had a great time at the first meeting and am excited to practice my math skills out of the classroom at future competitions and practices.”

In these math competitions, hosted at Wilton High School, every month, on the first Wednesday of the month, students are sent into rooms where they have ten minutes to complete three extremely challenging math problems.

The A-Team members and B-Team members answer the same problems, but the rooms are split for each of the groups. The problems on the tests get more difficult as the problem number goes up: Problem one is worth one point, problem two is worth two points, and problem three is worth three points. Additionally, no calculators are allowed, and everything must be in a simplified form.

Senior Tyler Rudich described his experience at competitions as “a very thrilling experience and a great way to enhance my mathematics skills. I had a lot of fun at the meet and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Junior Georgia Millman-Perlah described her experience with the team by saying, “ I joined the math team this year and I honestly thought I would hate spending my Friday afternoons doing more math, but it has been such a rewarding experience and I absolutely love the competitions and working with a team. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school!”

During the first competition of the new year, on January 6th, 2020, Seniors Rudich, Asgari, Joshua Dubreuil, Daniel McKeon, Adrien Joseph, and Nikolai Ignatov decided to dress up in a semi-formal outfit, including khakis, a dress shirt, and a blazer.

“We wanted the school to know that we have a math team competition.” said Joseph, “New members are always welcome to show up to practice and join us at the competitions.”

One of the team’s brightest new additions included junior Sai Kolasani. Although Sai has only competed in two competitions so far, he has shown some great results. In addition, Alex Coley, also a junior on the team, has also been a spark plug for the team with multiple perfect rounds in the past few matches. These two juniors, along with the rest of the team, show the capacity for something big this year.

Along with the other prospective mathletes, these juniors will compete in the playoff on February 21st for a spot on A-team in the upcoming state competition.

The mathletes studied hard every Friday and their hard work paid off when they performed better than ever. Rudich scored a total of three points, Kolasani scored five points, and Dubreuil scored two points.

Not only did they place sixth overall at the meet, but the highlight was when Trumbull was beating Greenwich through the first rounds. This has never been done by the team before and shows a glimpse of how special this year’s team can be. Greenwich is currently the number one ranked team in Fairfield County.

Members are always welcome to join the Trumbull High School Math Team and feel free to stop by C28 in Mrs. Capobianco’s room on Friday to learn more about this awesome extra-curricular activity.

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