Rodrigo’s Driver’s License Hits Home

Jacqueline Virasak ’21
EE Entertainment Editor

Olivia Rodrigo

–“I got my driver’s license last week, just like we always talked about.” 

One of the most notable events of January 2021 has  to be the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s record-breaking debut: ‘Driver’s License’. 

Olivia Rodrigo is a 17 year-old actress and singer-songwriter best known for her role as NiNi in the Disney+ original show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 

Fans were excited to see this completed song, which, along with many of her other unreleased music, was first shared on her Instagram Live.

The song ‘Driver’s License’ is a heart-wrenching pop song in which Rodrigo describes finally getting her drivers license-an event that she always talked about with an ex-lover , and her residual feelings for him even now.  

This song has gained considerable recognition for its powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and breathtaking bridge, as well as the alleged drama surrounding the boy mentioned in it. 

The song has reached millions on the social media app TikTok, where teens and young adults have both dissected its meaning and raved about it. 

Her music has been called reminiscent to that of pop-sensation Taylor Swift. Rodigo, a self-proclaimed “Swiftie”, has referred to her idol on numerous occasions as one of her biggest musical inspirations. Taylor Swift herself even commented on one of her posts, congratulating its release, much to Rodrigo’s delight. 

Many other popular artists have also shared their support for her and her musical career. Their praise has led to attention from the media such as the New York Times, Billboard, Vogue, and countless other news sites.

Among THS students, there is a differing of opinions:

“I really enjoy the song. Although I can’t say I have experienced anything similar to it, the emotion in the song is incredible and allows the audience to connect with the artist no matter what,” said junior Madhuvanthi Krisha. 

After watching Rodrigo on HSMTMTS, she was curious in hearing the release and like many other fans of the show, she was not disappointed. 

 “Not impressive, not horrible, but overhyped to no end. [It’s] a very generic indie song” said  junior Adrish Das. 

He is uncertain as to why Rodrigo has received so much attention when, as he has pointed out, there have been many other young artists- like Lorde -who have released similar songs.

Personally, I was shocked and filled with pride to learn that she broke a Spotify record for most streams in a single day for a non-holiday song at 15.7 million-the fastest song in the platform’s history.

The attention of her unreleased music suggests that Rodrigo will not be a one-hit-wonder. Teens everywhere are looking forward to seeing her upcoming album and future growth as an artist.

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