Vigorous Vaccine Distribution

Hannah Adams ‘23
EE News/Feature Editor

As we celebrate a full year since Trumbull High shut down due to COVID-19, we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel as vaccines are being distributed and rolled out throughout America.

This past month, our very own teachers received their vaccines and felt a rush of relief, despite their slight fear of needles. But as the demand for vaccines becomes greater, the government is revising plans and hoping they can fulfill the needs of those who want the vaccine.

In a recent report presented to Congress, entitled “From the Factory to the Frontlines,” a detailed outline of the planned distribution of vaccines is described. It discusses what is required, what the government is currently doing, and a phased structure of their plans. This 11-page report gives details of partnerships with the state and the importance of accommodation. 

In terms of the government’s requirements for an efficient and effective distribution plan, the report states that it “…must ensure safety of the products, maintain control and visibility, manage uptake and acceptance, ensure traceability of product, and maximize coverage…” This is an efficient, structured outline of the government’s goals and objectives when it comes to the distribution of a new vaccine to the public.

Along with an outline of the government’s objectives, the report included three key components of the distribution plan:

  1. Partnerships with state, local, and tribal health departments and federal entities to allocate and distribute vaccines.
  2. A centralized distributor contract for back-up distributors for storage and handling needs.
  3. A flexible and secure web-based IT vaccine tracking system for ordering, uptake, and management of vaccines. 

Partnerships with all 50 states are imperative for an effective rollout of vaccines, especially if venues are needed to set up numerous vaccination stations. 

The report goes into more detail on these partnerships, stating that the CDC has awarded grants to limited dose areas as a part of the Coronavirus Aid to help fund immunization programs that allow enhanced capacity to support staffing, communication, pandemic preparedness, and mass vaccination.

Centralized distribution contracts will be drawn, which allows the government full visibility, control, and ability to shift assets and use data to optimize vaccine uptake. These contracts help with the legality in terms of the possession of the vaccines.

Jurisdiction will be assigned, meaning specific areas will be given control over vaccines and will distribute the vaccines to their designated locations.

The third component of the government’s plan discusses an easy-to-use web-based site, where they can monitor the orders being made by each state as well as the status of the vaccinations given in each state.

The report splits the distribution into three phases, beginning with the FDA authorization of vaccines, the fast and efficient distribution of the vaccine to follow, and finally, the monitoring of orders and deliveries as well as which areas are limited in doses. 

When asked about the new government plan for vaccine distribution, sophomore Abby Adams said, “I finally feel like this staying inside and [remote] learning was worth it now that people are getting the vaccines that they need.” 

Most people feel the same way when it comes to the long-awaited distribution of this vaccine. The long struggle and adjustment period will finally be worth it once high-risk people are safe and vaccinated and can enter the world once again. 

During the time this article was written, about 94 million doses have been given. Additionally, 32 million people have been fully vaccinated, meaning that about 10 percent of the United States population have received both doses of the vaccine. This is an amazing start to a very long process that will eventually end with a safer America.

As the school year begins to wind down, so does the high tension that has come with COVID-19 and the massive demand for a vaccine. It seems as though things are finally looking up as we all prepare for the end of the school year.

Spring break is just around the corner, and although it is tempting to ignore mask mandates and regulations, it is vital that we continue to remain cautious to ensure a faster recovery from COVID-19 and guarantee our long-deserved summer.

This detailed call-to-action will allow the country to receive their vaccines and distribute them to not only high-risk individuals but to those who simply want to get back to normalcy, and after more than a year of remote learning and mask-wearing, the end is in sight.

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  1. David Dressler says:

    Beautiful article. I hope we are all vaccinated soon so we can all get back to life.

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