Trumbull Girls Volleyball Sweeps Danbury 3-0

Ava Inesta ’22
EE Staff Writer

After losing many valuable seniors from last season’s squad, this year’s girls volleyball team has had a strong start to their season. Gaining their 5th win, the Eagles defeated the Danbury Hatters at home, 3-0, on Thursday September 30. 

With the game scores of 25-17, 25-17, and 25-14, the Eagles showed immense amounts of skill on the court. This game’s best players included senior captain Jaime Willix with nine digs along with junior Camdyn Roth with 10 kills and 11 digs. Another player to mention is junior captain Maggie Carley recording 32 assists and three kills. Carley was also named Ruden Report female player of the week!

“It was a great game. We cleaned up a lot of our errors and were able to have a successful win without our biggest hitter”, junior Sienna Hoefer said of her team’s success. 

A positive for Trumbull is the amount of young talent they have. This results in still having numerous players with strong skill sets while losing valuable players like senior hitter Jamie McPartland who was unavailable for Thursday’s match. 

This game was an exciting one for Trumbull and brought tons of energy on the sidelines. With many impressive plays, the Eagles stayed on top for the entirety of the game and completed a sweep. 

From winning the CIAC Class LL championship in 2019, the Eagles have been showing their potential through the last seven games. Unfortunately, after the sweep of Danbury, they have faced some challenges but are hopeful in remaining one of the stronger teams in the FCIAC race.

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