Seniors Prepare for Prom Tradition

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

Prom is a staple in every high-schooler’s experience. As the school year ends, it signifies to seniors an appropriate goodbye, commemorating their time spent here. What better way for seniors be celebrated than by a dance?

Fortunately, Covid-19 has made immense progress and as the mask mandate has been lifted, safety concerns for prom are minimal. Returning to the normal traditions of Trumbull High is reassuring for seniors as their high school experience is returning to normalcy. 

This year the dance is held on June 3rd at The Amber Room in Danbury. Students arrive at 7 and stay until 11. Hillcrest is also hosting an after prom party where students can go afterwards to play games in the cafeteria. 

 “I’m really excited that we are able to have a prom this year”, said senior, Lia DeFelice, expressing her excitement for the upcoming event. “Cotillion was super fun, so I’m looking forward to another school dance”.

Reflecting on the school dance that took place last fall, she is excited to relive moments like those with her friends. Like DeFelice, Senior Adrish Das is thrilled for the dance. He describes it as “a send-off to a very good four years”. 

Trumbull students have hopes  this year’s prom might help compensate for the high school experiences lost and interrupted by Covid-19.

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