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Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

Poetry Slam Masters’ of Ceremony entertain the crowd in this photo from the 2017 Slam.

Trumbull High includes many initiatives to promote the arts within it’s community. A student favorite is the Poetry Slam which was held this year on Friday May 13th in the school auditorium. This event is a part of Trumbull High’s culture and gives students a platform to perform their poems. The event is a competition where there is a panel of judges, mainly teachers, that decide which poem was written the best. Most importantly, though, is the performance component that is key to engaging the audience. 

Competitors were asked to submit two poems. One to be presented in the first round and, if you proceed to the final round of five poets, you are asked to present another one. The difficult part about presenting is not only trying to convey emotion through performance, but each poem has to be fully memorized. By having it memorized students can really speak from the heart; it also simulates a real poetry slam by following the rules. 

“It’s really fantastic that there’s such a great opportunity here for students to express ourselves and put on display how much we’ve learned about poetry and ourselves in, and out of, the poetry elective”, said senior, Lake Zajac, a participant in this year’s slam. “It’s so fun and impressive how much two classes can get done in just a few months to put on such a great show”.

The poetry slam mostly consists of senior poetry class students who have been preparing for the slam. However others are encouraged to join as well. Zajac appreciates how poetry has allowed her to understand herself and how to portray emotions through words. 

The winner of this years event was senior Chloe Nestro. 

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