Teachers Grateful for PTSA Recognition

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

Teachers are the soul of any school, going beyond expectations everyday. The supportive environment that the Trumbull High faculty have created is something that students sometimes take for granted. Teacher Appreciation week is the week dedicated to reciprocating the care they have given students throughout the year. 

The PTSA sponsors Appreciation Week and truly accomplished their goal of expressing the gratitude Trumbull High has for the effort teachers put in. 

“It’s nice to feel appreciated,” said Mrs. Durand, a Trumbull High Arts teacher.

From May 2nd through the 6th, the PTSA provided breakfast, lunch, and ice cream as a sweet treat. The thoughtfulness from the PTSA made it an exciting week for teachers. The student community also wrote notes to teachers showing their appreciation and put up posters naming times when a teacher relationship has been invaluable. 

“It was the best one since I’ve worked here,” said THS Spanish teacher Mrs. Giordano, commenting on the events and festivities of this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

Especially through the stress of Covid, teachers were forced to adapt and experiment with new approaches to learning that will captivate students attention after spending most of last year online. The versatility of teachers alone makes this year even more deserving of appreciation.

A thank you to the PTSA for allowing these teachers to feel appreciated and acknowledged for the work that often goes unseen.

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