Varsity Field Hockey Setting/Reaching Goals

Lola Karimi ’25
EE Staff Writer

The girls Varsity Field Hockey team, composed of 24 players, are currently 6-7-1 this season.  The captains seniors, Maura Carbone, and Lexi Santoro, “encourage us to try our hardest and are extremely supportive during both games and practice,” said sophomore player Julia Lorant. 

One of the biggest values the Field Hockey team holds is being connected with one another. They participate in many team bonding activities, such as “trying to go to field hockey games together and having team sleepovers”, according to sophomore Lily Healy.

The Varsity Field Hockey team participates in the Spirit Week, Sponsor-A-Senior Day.

Cooperating as a unit is what makes the difference between a good and bad game for this team. A balance is super important to the field hockey team, so they made sure to “have so much fun traveling around together as a team”, according to Maura Carbone. 

With the season coming to an end, everyone has a goal they would like to accomplish, such as “getting to 15 goals for this season and reaching 100 total points by the end of the season”,  said Carbone.

She is very close to her goal as she is already at 91 total points right now in her four varsity years.

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