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Isabella Mercado ‘23
EE Staff Writer

Ali Hassan & Mars Czarnecki rehearse under the watch of their Director, Isabel O’Neil & Stage Manager, Elizabeth Caron. Almost, Maine premiers November 18th & 19th.

Most of us here at Trumbull High are familiar with the spring musicals put on every March, but one of the hidden underground gems of THS Arts is the fall play. While the plays are not as big in extravagance as the spring musicals, they have always been beautiful productions that never receive enough praise. This year, TheSpians is putting on the play Almost, Maine by John Cariani.

One of the unique elements of the fall play is that it is completely student run. This means that leadership positions such as directors, stage managers, designers, producers, and other crew leadership positions are filled by students. Some of these roles are filled by adults in the spring, so the fall productions give students a chance at showing off their leadership qualities, as well as preparing them for a future in theatre if they so choose.

“It’s been so great working with such amazing actors, and it’s awesome to work under the guidance of Mrs Spillane, especially since I want to go into directing later in life,” said Skylar Cuminotto-Reis, one of the directors of Almost Maine.

Anyone with a leadership position works under the guidance of Mrs Spillane and Mr Bracksieck, the THeSpian advisors, so that they are able to ask questions and perform to the best of their abilities. Some leadership was even determined last school year, so that work on the play could begin as soon as this year began. 

Fall productions are also able to offer leadership roles to underclassmen, which gives younger students amazing opportunities and a chance to build their experience earlier in their high school career. Sophomore, Andria Gerold, is the producer for the show, which is one of the bigger leadership roles within the play.

“Being the student producer as a sophomore is definitely an interesting experience.” said Gerold. “Although it can be pretty stressful at times, it’s honestly super rewarding and I love it.”

Underclassmen have historically filled more of the roles in the play, which is a great opportunity to show off their skills. “Being a freshman in the cast has been so awesome,” Mars Czarnecki, a freshman, stated. “THeSpians has been so welcoming to me and I always look forward to coming to rehearsals.” Czarnecki was cast as Hope, who is featured in the vignette Story of Hope

Almost, Maine is a vignette style play composed of nine short stories that take place in the fictional town of Almost, Maine. These stories focus on the ideas of love and loss, while exploring different relationships in this small town that barely exists.

“I think it’s important, especially after the past few difficult years, that we can put on such a meaningful fall production,” said Senior Isabella Mercado, one of the directors of the play.

Trumbull High School’s Almost, Maine premiers November 18th & 19th. Tickets will be available soon. Please come and support the show if you can!

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