Seniors Relive Their Best Moments

Lola Karimi ’25
EE Staff Writer

2023 graduates march into the ceremony on June 13th.

When it comes to football and soccer games, pep rallies, prom looks, and scavenger hunts (not affiliated with Trumbull High School), our seniors do it best!

After speaking with seniors, it turns out that their class of 512 students is more similar then they may presume..

Many seniors mentioned their best moments being joining clubs or sports. “Best Buddies changed what I want to do with my future and I am so happy that I got to meet so many awesome people from it,” said senior Gabby Presutto. “The buddies constantly put a smile on my face!”. 

 “The best memory of my senior year and high school in general is Powder Puff!” senior Francesca Lemma said. “The game was especially memorable because it was in the pouring rain. It’s a memory from high school I’ll never forget.”

Whether an athlete or intellectual (or both), most seniors agreed the highlight of senior year was a moment of self-discovery. “The best moment of my senior year was finding the college I’m going to spend the next 4 years at,” Sienna Hoefer said. “It was a stressful, but exciting experience”. 

What is a better way to remember your high school years then to make memorable moments with your whole class? “I’ll always remember the senior sunrise in September,” said Maggie Carley. “I’ve always been a morning person, and even though a lot of my friends aren’t, I loved coming to school early with blankets and comfy clothes, and spending some time in the quiet with my friends”.

Moments like this made the reality of senior year hit our seniors. “I remember driving past the football field into the parking lot that morning, and seeing the “2023” lit up on the scoreboard was such a surreal feeling”, Carley said. “I think something special about the event was that it was our first activity as a full senior class this year, so it gave us all a moment to take everything in before our last year of high school started”. 

“The best moment of my senior year was decision day where we all got to take pictures and wear our college shirts to school”, Maura Carbone said, “We got to celebrate the last moments of high school together and spend the final bell all together”. 

From beginning to end, the senior class of 2023 made every day a moment to remember. Wishing all the best to the senior class as they split their ways!

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