Coming Together for Newtown

By Jossy Layedra and Vanesa Kenealy
EE Staff Writers

Trumbull High School students and staff continued to show support for the Newtown community in a myriad of ways. Exactly a week after the tragedy, Mrs. Luby, B House Principal, came on the intercom and addressed the school as both a member of THS and as someone who lives in Newtown. When she was done speaking, students and staff came out of their classrooms to stand in the hallway, holding hands. As a profound and powerful silence filled the halls, a bell chimed 26 times to remind the students and staff of each innocent life lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Dr. Tremaglio commented on Trumbull High School’s response. “The sense of community was really heartfelt, not contrived. Many people were moved by it.”

Mrs. Luby said, “I was incredibly impressed with the students and the seriousness that they brought to it, and I’m not alone in it. Teachers across the building said it was inspiring to see 2,200 high school students –who at any given moment can be running around the halls — standing silently and solemnly in the building, holding hands by choice.”

In addition, the period three entrepreneurship class sold water bottles for five dollars, and twenty percent of the proceeds went to the Sandy Hook Relief Support Fund. Other students, involved with groups outside of school, were active selling bracelets and magnets to help raise additional money to aid the Newtown community.

There were also a number of students and teachers who knitted scarves for those in Newtown. In response to the Scarves for Sandy Hook project, started by Madison Middle School teacher Jeanne Malgioglio, students stayed after school to create and donate green-and-white scarves.

Ximena Cordal attended the event and said, “I stayed after school with absolutely no experience knitting and crocheting, but I learned from the teachers and now I’m almost done with my first scarf! I did it to do something for the families and people affected of Sandy Hook.”

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