Chips Is Coming to Town

By Kyle Rotanelli ’13
EE Staff Writer

Finding a good breakfast around Trumbull can be hard, especially when a person has woken up late and McDonald’s has stopped serving breakfast.

Fortunately, Chip’s Pancake House is coming to Trumbull.

Located right across from Home Depot of Trumbull on Route 111, Main Street, this pancake house offers more than 40 varieties of fluffy, melt in your mouth pancakes all day long, along with lunch and dinner options. The restaurant currently has two locations in Orange and Fairfield, and word of their newest location opening in Trumbull spread fast after the sign was put on display outside the Route 111 complex reading “Coming Soon: Chip’s Pancakes.”

I’m so excited for Chip’s to open in the spring. My friends and I always crave their pancakes but a 15 minute drive to Fairfield is rarely ideal,” said senior Jenna Vietze.

Breakfast places in the town of Trumbull are scarce, but among them include Brueggers Bagels and Marie’s Sandwich Shoppe. Marie’s is known to be a popular place for Trumbull residents.

It’s the only place I can get a good bacon egg and cheese around here. Trumbull could really use some more options,” said senior Gino Arganese.

With talk of the new pancake house permeating, the question is raised. “Will Marie’s be able to compete?” Only time will tell the Sandwich Shoppe’s future, but one thing is certain: residents are raving about the newest breakfast hot spot coming to town.

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  1. Alison Kuznitz says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article! I especially liked the opening paragraph with its really cool lead. Also, I liked how it brought up the competition with Marie’s. That was a great point that had never crossed my mind.

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