Ingrid Michaelson Sings with Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir

By Jess Lepore ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Recently, music was used to bring the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School together after the tragedy in Newtown. Well-known folk artist, Ingrid Michaelson, best known for her songs “You and I” and “The Way I Am,” met with the students of the elementary school and used singing to help remember the victims and raise money for the Newtown Youth Academy and United Way of Western Connecticut.

She recorded the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir in Connecticut using the home studio of Talking Heads members Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. The single was then released on iTunes and and performed on Good Morning America to help raise money and awareness.

“To be able to honor those who lost their lives is something I am incredibly humbled by,” Michaelson said in a statement as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Michaelson, Franz, and Weymouth produced the song not only to raise money for the cause, but also to commemorate the angels and families.

“Having the children come today with their parents, all of them having the idea that this was their gift to the other families of Sandy Hook, it was very enriching for us,” Weymouth says in a video clip on the Rolling Stone video web site.

Through the recording, singer Ingrid Michaelson lends her voice to an astonishing cause. Not only has this single brought the citizens of Newtown together, but the country too. To watch the Good Morning America video on YouTube go to

2 Responses to Ingrid Michaelson Sings with Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir

  1. Lisa Carbone says:

    The artice was really good. I did not know about this until I read it. It was so nice of Ingrid Michaelson to help them heal.

  2. Kristina Vetter says:

    I think it was really sweet of Ingrid to sing with the children’s choir and to help them heal from their losses. I really liked this article.

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