Winter Storm Nemo: More than a Day Off

By Marissa Piccolo ‘13
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

It all started innocently, students debating whether or not there would be school; however, after students woke up late Friday morning and looked outside, it became imminently clear that Winter Storm Nemo was more than anyone bargained for.

With a staggering amount of snow, Governor Malloy had no choice but to declare Connecticut under a State of Emergency. Nearby Milford, home to some Agriscience students, was hit by a total of 38 inches of snow. New Haven suffered from 34.3 inches, making Connecticut one of the hardest, if not the hardest, hit by Nemo. First Selectman Tim Herbst also issued a parking ban and kept the town up to date with Reverse 911 calls and social networking.

Once it stopped snowing, the most critical problems surfaced. Plows were faced with snow removal of historic proportions, matched only by a storm back in the 1970s.

Student Council President Ariana Matz commented, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the magnitude of Nemo. Sure, we joked about no school on Friday, but the shear volume of snow was overwhelming. It took hours to shovel my entire driveway, and at one point there was no place to put the snow.”

Freezing rain and slush on Monday morning iced the snow over, making removal even more difficult and the roads more dangerous. This rain also raised concerns of leaks and flooding in schools, especially with construction at Trumbull High. Mounds of snow had blocked pipes and drains, leaving melted snow with no outlet. For these reasons, school was cancelled Friday through Tuesday, resulting in the loss of February Break.

This loss of February Break posed a lot of issues. Especially with the new attendance policy, students will not be exempt from these school days. While students on vacation can have their parents write a note and be excused, these excused absences will count towards the 20 absences limit.

Senior Casey Healey represents one of many students who will be missing February Break due to a family vacation planned months in advance. While traveling to Bogotá, Colombia, Healey will be sure to stay up to date with rigorous AP courses, whose national standardized test dates will not be pushed back to accommodate.

Healey explains, “I’ve been looking forward to going to Bogotá, Colombia for months. I’ll be able to experience a different culture and put my seven years of Spanish to good use. Even though Bogotá isn’t a conventional vacation spot, I think that’s what makes it special. Also, I’ll learn a lot even though I’m not in school. I’m looking forward to the Museo de Oro, the Salt Cathedral, and seeing the coffee farms.”

While Nemo brought forth a lot of challenges, from slick roadways to lost educational time, the Town of Trumbull was able to overcome and make it work. As Herbst tweeted on February 12th, “We made incredible progress today. Proud to lead the best Town in America.”

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