Safety and Security at School

By Michelle Hesse ‘14
EE Staff Writer

After the tragedy in Newtown, many parents, administrators, and students questioned safety in their own schools. Immediately following, students saw major changes such as lockdown drills, more security at the doors, and an addition of police officers around the perimeter. While the additions made students feel better, how does a person or community know how much security is enough?

In light of the Newtown shooting, many school districts across Connecticut started to upgrade security procedures, looking over emergency plans and informing students of cautions they need to take. On the Trumbull High website in the Dean’s Corner, it says, “We continue to discuss, upgrade, and enhance our security procedures here at THS.”

“Across the board, everyone is more security-minded. We’ve got more doors locked down, trying to control more points off access,” said Ralph Deluca, a Trumbull High security guard.

One security upgrade involved points of entry. There are now only two doors open during the school day, and people posted at each door. Still, there is only so much a school can do without causing chaos or making the students feel watched all the time. Students like their freedom, but with recent events, they also want to feel as safe as possible.

“It’s kind of inconvenient that there’s only one door open, where we have to show ID. At the same time, we all expected more security after what happened. I think we all feel more secure now,” said Dan Delucia.

“I felt pretty safe and never questioned my safety before, but after Newtown happened I did start to question it,” said Trumbull High School junior, Erin Grady.

The reality is, new upgrades are necessary during this time, and Trumbull High will continue to make students as safe as possible.

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